Pay-N-Puff: The Newest In Electronic Cigarettes

Pay-N-Puff The Newest In Electronic CigarettesWould you think more before you fire up your electronic cigarette if you had to pay before each puff? One of the biggest cigarette manufacturers, Philip Morris, has created such an e-cig that works that way.  It enables you to track your usage by paying before you puff.

So now, among all the many different brands, options and varieties of e-cigs, somebody has to come out with another gimmick.  It still uses a battery and flavoured ejuice like all the other e-cigs. It just has a new concept that may be functional, in a strange way.

Do You Really Want An E-Cigarette That Thinks?

This proposed “smart” e-cigarette isn’t a totally revolutionary idea.  There are other brands out there that allow you to keep track of your usage by Bluetooth or WiFi connection. What Philip Morris has on the drawing board will add a twist that lets a vape user purchase their smoking time on a daily or weekly basis.

While most people see this as a way to save money, especially those on a slim budget, others see this as adding psychological pressure to their lives. Electronic cigarettes are already money savers. It is cheaper to buy the flavoured e-liquids than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Nor are they subject to the heavy taxes that traditional cigarettes are.

But the idea behind the pay-n-puff that Morris Phillips has designed isn’t necessarily to spare a vaper’s pocketbook. But to help them realise just how much they are spending on their habit. And, consequently, how much a vaper uses their e-cigarette. For the person that turned to e-cig to kick the habit, this new way of measuring how much they vape could help them reach their goal of quitting.

Right now, this pay-n-puff product is still on the drawing board but a patent has been filed by Philip Morris.  There is a lot of conversation to be had about this new technology for sure. It will be interesting to see how popular it will be once it manufactured and released to the general public. For now, the idea does make a vaper think about the future of electronic cigarettes and what else is out there in regards to this new revolution.

Phillips Morris Is On Their Game With New Technology

And as if this pay-n-puff concept isn’t enough to start conversations among vapers, the same company is about to release a new e-cigarette that contains real tobacco. The Marlboro Heatsticks is hitting the market in what may be perfect timing in regards to the market and technology.

The sales of e-cigarettes have gone past $3 billion annually and the company has spent more than $2 billon developing this new product over a 10-year time frame. But they believe the time is now to bring something exciting and new to the e-cig table, in a limited market at first.

The ultimate concept of hollow pen-style device is heating actual tobacco to over 600 degrees Fahrenheit which are called an iQOS. The result the vape user will experience is getting the same taste of the traditional cigarette but with less risk. An official with the company was cautious to give out very many details but they did say that smokers will get more of what they are used to in traditional cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette field has been narrow and shallow in offerings up to this point. But as it becomes more and more an accepted form, we can probably expect more inventions like the pay-n-puff cigarette and these Marlboro Heatsticks. It would seem that perhaps tobacco companies are starting to realise that the traditional tobacco cigarettes may be getting closer to being obsolete as this new technology is starting to get a deeper hold.

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