Love Hemp Review: CBD Oils, E-Liquids & Capsules

Love Hemp Review

It seems like not a day goes by where I don’t hear somebody mention CBD. It feels as though everyone has suddenly jumped onto this bandwagon at the same time, and for a good reason too.

CBD, often administered via easy-to-ingest oils, has been proven to have significant medical benefits to those that use it.

In particular, CBD is often used to treat those with illnesses such as anxiety or depression due to its widely reported calming effects.

So, if you’re looking to try CBD for the first time or if you’re just looking for the best product available, have a read through this brief review guide. 

Top CBD Oils

For those unaware, there are three main types of CBD oil; low, medium and high strength. The CBD distributors, For the Ageless use CBD oils that are extracted via Co2 and are entirely THC-free.

This company prides itself on its decade-long research into the field of cannabis oils and uses that research consistently throughout their entire line of CBD products. 

For the Ageless has a wide selection of low, medium and high strength CBD oils, ensuring that there will be something for everyone.

Whether you are just trying CBD oils for the first time or whether you consider yourself to be a seasoned veteran, For the Ageless has what you need.

CannabiGold Terpenes+ 500mg CBD Oil

CannabiGold Terpenes+ 500mg CBD Oil

This particularly effective CBD oil product is enriched with terpenes, meaning that the formula used within this product is one of the utmost quality.

This new formula of CannabiGold replaces the now-outdated previous CannabiGold Classic formula, ensuring that you are getting the most value for money from this newly revised and enriched formula.

500mg 5% CBD Oil- Biopurus

500mg 5% CBD Oil Biopurus

Containing approximately 200 hemp drops, this CBD product from BIopurus gives great value for money.

This particular CBD oil is made with the whole-plant extract. Essentially, this means that the product manages to retain a very high concentration of nutrients.

Within this whole-plant extract CBD, CBG and CBC are all extracted naturally together in order to boost the effects of the oil. 

400mg Love Hemp CBD Oil Spray

400mg Love Hemp CBD Oil Spray

Love Hemp’s CBD products pride themselves on being completely natural, meaning that no additives are used and that the formula is entirely organic.

This makes Love Hemp the perfect brand of CBD oils for vegan users as only organic ingredients are used to create this highly effective product.

Similarly, Love Hemp uses only premium cannabinoid-rich hemp extract, basing it in a rich coconut oil base.

Top CBD E-Liquids

CBD has several forms of administration. CBD oils are often sprayed or dropped underneath the tongue; however, CBD can be ingested via vaping devices in specially formulated e-liquids.

CBD vape juices are actually one of the most effective forms of administering CBD as the cannabidiol within the product can enter the bloodstream with ease due to the direct pathway through the respiratory organs. 

For the Ageless has a wide and varied selection of CBD e-liquids, primarily featuring formulas that consist of full-spectrum cannabidiol.

For the Ageless also offers CBD additives that can be added to most standard e-liquids.

PharmaHemp CBD Vape Oil

PharmaHemp CBD Vape Oil

The PharmaHemp brand of CBD vape oils is for those vape users that prefer a classic tasting hemp vapour.

Choosing to hone in on what they do best and truly make it as perfect as possible, PharmaHemp’s CBD vape oils aim to be the highest class of CBD vape oils around.

Providing a thick, rich and luxurious taste, this brand of CBD e-liquid is a step above the rest.

Love Hemp CBD E-Liquid

Love Hemp E-liquid

As with their line of CBD oils, Love Hemp’s signature brand of CBD products is always all-natural.

These premium e-liquids contain no additives of any kind and are completely organic, using only cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts.

Love Hemp’s range of CBD e-liquids features five rich flavours ranging from “Strawberry Cool” to “Blue Menthol”, giving you a great range of choice when it comes to your CBD vaping experience.

500mg CBD Vape Additive

500mg CBD Vape Additive

If you’re a seasoned veteran of the vaping world and already own your own personal stash of your favourite e-liquids, then this might be the thing for you.

With Love Hemp’s all-natural premium selection of CBD vape additives you can now easily add CBD to your usual e-liquid formulas.

Simply put two drops into your favourite e-liquid to get 5mg of CBD.

Top CBD Capsules

If vaping CBD e-liquids or taking CBD oils doesn’t sound like the most appealing or convenient form of administering CBD to you then perhaps CBD capsules are the most suitable choice for you.

CBD oil capsules are an extremely simple way of keeping track of exactly how much CBD you have daily.

Similarly, CBD oil capsules are also a very convenient for those who wish to take their CBD with them when they leave the house.

Due to their capsule form, these CBD oils can be taken anywhere at any time and in discreet fashion.

CannabiGold CBD Capsules

CannabiGold CBD Capsules

Each CannabiGold capsule contains 10mg of CBD. Each capsule is coated in a smooth softgel outer layer that easily breaks apart when pressure is applied.

Inside each capsule is premium-grade CBD extract. Unfortunately, this particular brand of CBD capsule is not vegan or vegetarian friendly as bovine gelatine is used to create the capsules’ outer layer.

10% Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules

10% Cibdol Softgel Capsules

Perfect for those who dislike the sometimes powerful taste of hemp, these Cibdol CBD capsules are tasteless and discreet, allowing you to take them whenever or wherever you please.

Each of these capsules contains 16mg of CBD that has been precisely measured to ensure a consistent level of quality across all capsules. 

Love Hemp CBD Capsules

Love Hemp Capsules

These all-natural, broad-spectrum capsules by Love Hemp contain cannabidiol, terpenes and traces of several other cannabinoids.

This ensures that the classic Love Hemp all-organic formula is enriched even further and can now be taken in an even more widely convenient way.

A tub of thirty capsules contains a total of 300mg of wholly organic CBD oil.