Just How Powerful Is Nicotine? CDC Reveals Shocking information

A negative light is often painted by health activists when it comes to electronic cigarettes. It has been claimed that vape pens encourage people to begin smoking and offers a temptation for teens to start using tobacco. However, the CDC has released information from a new study that just may correct the record and shows that the e-cig is beneficial for smokers today.

One of the world’s most brilliant and famous individuals, Albert Einstein, enjoyed a pipe from time to time. Of all the things that he is known for, like his contributions in math and science, his tobacco use is not one the things he is known for.

Mr. Einstein was once quoted as saying, “I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.” While he never completely acknowledged that his pipe smoking was a boost to his judgment, this was somewhat of an informal hypothesis that he made in regard to the impact nicotine has with the human brain.

Scientists today are following Mr. Einstein’s train of thought with the goal of uncovering how nicotine may impact the human brain. For all of those that have always considered nicotine to be evil, there are dozens of studies that have focused on how our cognitive functions are affected by nicotine. The results are stunning.

And Where Do E-Cigs Come Into This?

Thousands of Americans surveyed about e-cigs and their experiences made it clear to the CDC that these electronic devices are in fact helping those who smoke tobacco kick the habit. The largest part of e-cig users are either current smokers or former smokers and it was rare that non-smokers would report regular use of e-cigs. In fact, it is less than half a percent of non-smokers that were surveyed claim to have ever used an e-cig and just over 3 percent of nonsmokers said they had tried.

It is clear by the numbers released by the CDC survey, many smokers give credit to e-cigs to leading them to a non-tobacco smoking habit. And the CDC is not the first or only organisation that has released this type of information. In August, Action on Smoking and Health, an anti-smoking activist group published results from a study they did that proved e-cigs are not a gate that leads to tobacco use for teenagers. Most of those that responded to the survey reported they were an x-smoker or currently smoked when they tried an e-cig.

So with this information released by the CDC, it is apparent that health activists and politicians cannot keep touting the proposed harm in e-cigs with a clear conscience. For anyone that is an e-cigarette user, they would have to wonder if those who were quick to get on the ‘ban’ wagon will get off that wagon as quick.

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