Hawaii E-Cigs market giving cigarettes a run for its money

Hawaii E-Cigs market giving cigarettes a run for its moneyIn a recent issue of Hawaii News Now, it was reported that electronic cigarettes are gaining more traction among young adults in the Aloha state more than tobacco cigarettes do. This was arrived at by a survey conducted on a sample of 300 young adults.

This survey was conducted by Pallav Pokhrel, an assistant professor at the Cancer Center of the University of Hawaii, after getting his curiosity piqued by the increasing number of young adults who are getting into vaping instead of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Results of the survey revealed that, among young adults aged 18 to 35, the use of e-cigs is much higher than tobacco cigarettes. In fact, 43% admitted to having tried using e-cigs at least once. 28% of those who surveyed even got their first taste of e-cigs use within 30 days before the survey was conducted.

One of the most popular e-cigs brand in Hawaii today is Volcano Ecigs, and Scott Rasak, the brand’s marketing manager, has an explanation for this surge in the popularity of e-cigarettes in the state.

For starters, out of the 50 states in the country, Hawaii has the third highest smoking rate in the country. In fact, nearly half of the young adult population belongs to the smoking category. Rasak also pointed out how adults regard e-cigs as a safer alternative, since it does not contain tobacco, and there is no need to worry about harmful secondhand smoke.

Of course, it does not come as any surprise at all that the e-cigs industry in Hawaii is met with opposition. Honolulu City Councilman Stanley Chang refers to e-cigarettes as a “gateway” which links people to tobacco cigarettes. Simply put, once they got the hang of vaping, they would then be lured into trying to use regular cigarettes.

It is to be noted, however, that a Harvard study had results saying that, far from being a “gateway” towards real tobacco, e-cigarettes act as a bridge towards quitting smoking. This somehow supports the general assumption that a great majority of the people who switch to electronic cigarettes do so in order to be able to kick the habit.

Locals agree. Resident and e-cigs user David Shultz certainly has no hesitation about trading his regular cigarettes for e-cigarettes, since he is not willing to put something that will “set fire into his lungs”.

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