Electronic cigarette benefits

Electronic cigarette benefitsThere are many benefits to switching to the electronic cigarette. These benefits are not only for you, but for all those who are around you. The following are a few of those benefits.

It is a healthier choice. The traditional cigarette contains over 4000 carcinogens and toxins that are not found in your E-cigarette. With the E-cigarette you don’t have to continually be putting those toxins into your body. Your lungs are able to function better, giving you the ability to breathe more easily. Those around you are also able to breathe better. Since there is no second hand smoke, they don’t have to suffer from your traditional cigarette smoke.

It is a financially smart choice. Have you ever thought how much money you are spending on those traditional cigarettes? According to one study the average person spend £676 a year on items related to cleaning up after their smoking habit. Then you add the actual cost of traditional cigarettes averaging around £1800 a year. You could keep yourself supplied with E-cigarettes for a whole year for less then the price it cost someone to clean up after their habit. So what could you do with that extra £1800?

It is a safer choice. How many times have you heard of dangerous fires starting because of a traditional cigarette? The E-cigarette needs no flame and doesn’t have a lit end. This means that the possibility that you might start a fire is very low.

It is an easy choice. Your E-cigarette is very easy to use. With the flick of a switch your E-cigarette is ready to use. Refilling your E-cartridge is also quite simple.

It is a freeing choice. You don’t have to step outside in the rain to smoke or wait until you leave the theatre. E-cigarettes do not produce second hand smoke, so they are allow in many public places where traditional cigarette are banned.

It is a no hassle choice. There is no smoke and no smell. You don’t have to continually try to cover up that old stale smoke smell.

It is a cleaner choice. E-cigarettes do not leave your teeth and finger nails yellow. Instead you can have naturally healthy looking teeth and nails.

These are some of the many reasons why you should choose an E-cigarette.

Electronic cigarette benefits