How E-Cigs changed a man’s life

How E-Cigs changed a man's lifePaul Law used to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes in one day. But that is no longer the case.

For 34 years, Law has been struggling with his smoking habit, trying all sorts of tricks and methods in order to kick his addiction to cigarettes. It took him 34 years before he was liberated from it.

What happened to bring about this development?

E-cigarettes happened.

Law took that crucial step – trading his traditional cigarettes for e-cigarettes – and he hasn’t looked back since.

This life-changing discovery prompted Law to share his experience with the world, and find a way to help other struggling smokers to find a way to kick the habit. Thus, he started his own e-cigs business and began by establishing an online presence. The response was overwhelming; clearly, there are a lot of smokers out there who are desperate to find a way out of their addiction.

Law’s online business became so successful, he finally set up a vape shop in Waltham Abbey. He called it Puff Dad E. To his amazement, customers flocked to his vape shop. In fact, there are even times that he could not close it up at night because of the high customer traffic that the shop was getting.

Smokers are becoming increasingly aware of the hazards and health risks they are courting with every joint they smoke, but they are unable to quit reaching for one cigarette after another. So they look for an alternative to tobacco, and that’s what Law offered. He recognised the demand, he saw an opportunity, and he pounced on it. Of course, it helped that Law had firsthand experience with trying to quit smoking and finding success with the help of e-cigs.

Law confessed to having suffered through shortness of breath, having difficulty sleeping, and suffering through chronic smoker’s cough every morning. In fact, he even likened the sound of his cough to that of a “car starting first thing in the morning”.

Once he quit smoking traditional cigarettes and made the switch to electronic ones, he no longer had to suffer through these things.

E-cigs benefit more than one’s physical health. Law also emphasised how he and other smokers who made the switch are also benefiting financially, since e-cigs are considerably cheaper than traditional cigarettes in the long run.

Puff Dad E offers 80 e-liquid flavours, and Law named Lemon Meringue Pie, Red Bull and Polo flavours as the bestsellers. Even those who want to switch to e-cigs but still experience something close to the real thing (meaning real and traditional tobacco cigarettes) are also delighted to find flavours that perfectly simulate these flavours.

In running his business, Law remains cognisant of the applicable rules and laws that apply to smoking. He accepts that most of these laws are there for his and his customers’ protection and safety. For instance, he allows customers who are over 18 to enter his shop. If customers look too young, they are required to present identification or proof that they are over 21 years of age.

If it were up to Law, the industry could do with more regulation. Law specifically pointed out about the lithium content in the batteries and how they can be potentially dangerous when the wrong charger is used. He does his part by carefully instructing his customers on the proper way of using the e-cigs, even going so far as to teach them proper battery maintenance.

Law’s inspiring story, as well as his current success as a business owner, is definitely one of the many positive things that came out of this electronic cigarette business.

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