10 Motives review

Based in Sand batch, Cheshire, 10 Motives is well known for distributing rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes. The company does not only distribute electronic cigarettes but it also refills cartomisers, sell electronic cigarettes among other electronic cigarettes accessories. The three electronic brands being marketed and distributed by 10 motives are i-Vape, Menthol Rechargeable and Regular V2 Rechargeable. i-Vape is sold for £39.99 while the other two brands are sold at £13.99 each.

i-Vape is the one of the most popular and highest selling electronic cigar brands. The starter kit for this brand is composed of two rechargeable batteries, four cartomiser refills, a USB charging cable as well as a personal charging case. This package is complete and has got everything that one would need to vape without any problems. The starter kit for this e-cig brand is quite unique though a little bit similar to some of the industries’ top brands. When compared to other brands i-Vape competes favourably and does not disappoint a lot. Let us take a look at some of the unique aspects and aesthetics of this cigar brand.

10 motives review

10 motives review – Packaging and Design

The packaging of i-Vape e-cigarette starter kit is quite unique and decent. The whole package looks neat and well organised. All the mentioned components of the pack are well arranged and tested for quality before packaging. This ensures that the customer gets the best at all times as well as reducing chances of failure or underperformance. The personal charge case is also very well designed in its black colour and a yellow-orange strip with the brand name printed on the front face.

The design of the e-cig itself is quite unique as the company aims to get a look of the traditional tobacco cigarette. 10 Motives has chosen a two-piece design with a cartomiser that is cork-coloured and a white battery. The battery is decorated with evenly spaced lines on the top and the company logo which looks very impressive in general. The battery indicator is placed on the PCC and as usual lights up when a user takes a drag. In general 10 Motives has succeeded with an impressive overall design. However, the battery indicator looks a little bit awkward as it is placed out of place and 10 motives would have done better in this design, otherwise; good general design.

10 motives review – Flavour and vapour

10 motives cartridgesThe flavour is one of the major concerns of every electronic cigarette user. In order to fully satisfy the needs of the customers, 10 Motives currently offers twelve different cartomisers flavours except for the “regular”. These flavours only have 16mg of nicotine strength. However, for the “regular” there is variation in nicotine strengths as 11mg and 18mg of nicotine strengths are available.

Users can also enjoy other additional flavours which are coffee, cherry, menthol, watermelon, peach, grape, vanilla, strawberry, classic American as well as blueberry. It is also important to note that the only available brands with rechargeable kits. The users should take note that the less conventional flavours are not readily available and thus must be purchased separately.

i-Vape is designed like any other standard 2-piece electronic cigarette. Thus the assembly is quite simple and straight forward. Just like any other two-piece electronic cigarettes, users only have to screw the cartomizer into the battery and then take a drag to start the vaping process. Vapour production is not the best that one can get and in general the performance of i-Vape as compared to other electronic cigarettes is average as the e-cig has nothing unique to offer to its users.

10 motives review – Battery and Responsiveness

Purchasing i-Vape electronic cigarette starter kit, you will get two lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are identical with very large company logo printed on them. The battery indicator is placed at the personal charging case which is matte black in colour. The indicator screen is at the bottom of the front face. This allows users to easily see the battery status at all times and they can thus determine whether it needs to be recharged or not.

Charging the batteries is also a fairly simple process. Users only have to plug the USB charge cable at a power source and the other end should be plugged at the PCC. The battery takes several hours to be fully charged and once fully charged this can take the user through the day without needing any further recharging.

10 motives battery

10 motives review – Warranty

Just like with many other electronic cigarette brands, 10 motives does not offer any warranty to its products except the batteries. The batteries come with a three month warranty from the date of purchase.

Conclusion and Summary

This is a fairly decent electronic cigarette brand and offers almost everything that the user might need. However, there is nothing unique about this cigarette brand that may excite the customers. Overall performance of the brand is average.

archy davidson

Archy is the founder of e-cigreviews.org.uk. He is an ex-smoker and a person that loves everything related to tech world – from vape pens to tesla cars. He’s always testing newest products to give his readers up-to-date reviews.

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Jackie mckie

I buy these quite often from co-op bought some tonight they taste of disafectant I open 2 out of 5 both taste the same and also the plastic they came in is different has any changes been made from the product


I wonder how safe they are ..? I have been smoking the menthol ones for over 3 years and I am worried now because I’m addicted to them and I get heart palpitations and I get muscle twinge all the time ..


The flavour of these has totally changed, they say its for regulations in april 2017, but they now taste like plastic and cooking oil, you can buy cheaper versions as Poundland if you want that taste but they are disgusting, i think its using cheaper products to make up for new regulation costs

Carol Burgess

I’ve been using these for a few years what’s happened lately ??The taste has completely changed .I’ve just ordered some more if they’re like these it’s going to be my last


I’d try OK E-Cig instead, I used 10 Motives before and then bought the OK ones in Asda since the taste changed and the they’re really good.


I’ve been using these for years and I’ve now decided to give them up, as they don’t last very long anymore . They must of definitely reduced the amount of liquid in the cartimisers/Refil. I’d say they’ve halved the amount so you have to purchase them more often (rip off ) .

Mrs Colette Fox

I have been on them for a year. The rechargeable doesn’t last now for even 2 hours and a pack of 5 is now 4!

sarah stevens

I have been using these for 3 years. They have recently been bought by British America Tobacco. Result is they are now made in China, price has gone up and quality/taste down. The refills last a fraction of time they used to, so this is now costing me three times as much. Have left already!


Time to leave. Paying same money for stuff that does’nt work or gives up after a short time. Advise everyone to change to another brand adap.


Bought several re-chargeable but they stop working. Cut down considerably recently – just buy the one off disposable. No more though. Got one on Saturday that packed in on Sunday night. Only used for 2 nights.

Jennifer Hunt

I have bought a new refill pack but no vape is coming out. Only used it a few times. Charging battery to see if that’s the problem. Any ideas

barry mottram

Just bought a pack this morning at the same price of £7.99 for 5, when i got to work and went to open the pack noticed the pack now only contains 4, bit of a sly move. WON.T BE BUYING ANYMORE…..


Yup me too couldn’ t believe it when I opened the pack SNEAKY!!!!!


Purchased them from the co-op yesterday. They have changed from 5 to 4 and the price is the same! Did this without me even realising! Shame to say I won’t be purchasing these anymore…


Pretty let down by these, used for last 5 years, thought £7.99 for a 5 pack was pushing it but they’ve now changed it to a 4 pack for the same price?! They claim each cartridge is equivalent to 25 cigarettes, there is absolutely no way this is an accurate estimate. Each cartridge lasts around half a day for the average smoker, so you’re lucky if 1 pack lasts 2 days, so cost is around £32-£40 per week. I was a 20 a day smoker years ago so I know how long 20 cigarettes last never mind 25! The flavour… Read more »


I have been using ten motives for a few years now and for some time now, their quality has noticeably reduced, aside this, you now only get 4 cartridges to a pack, for the same price! It is disgraceful I shall defo be moving to another brand that offer its customers more quality and value for money

Bob Ellis

My wife has been using these for 3 years now and just got another Pack of 10 = 50 but got home and noticed only 40 as packet has toom 1 out.
Goto look at an alternative


10 Motives have pushed it too far. Now only 4 for the same price as the 5 pack was and they neither last as long or taste the same. Ridiculous to think they are going to keep customers they have had for years. There is far too much competition in the marketplace for them to try pulling a fast one. I am now an ex user of this product and would not recommend to anybody.