Vapestick review

Vapestick review – The Brand

In spite of being founded below five years back, the Group Vapestick has in fact managed establishing itself within the UK market. It has attained a local client base that is increasing gradually. This company is based in Middlesex, where it manufactures electronic cigarette kits together with accessories of various kinds. The kits range between $30 and $45 in price and target first-time smokers of electronic cigarettes or those who are budget-conscious. Vapestick e-cigarettes, just like many larger brands, feature two-piece system, comprising of battery plus cartridge.

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Vapestick review – Products and kits

Vapestick reviewThe Starter Kit Vapestick XL came in a box that was black having neon blue print, confirming that you indeed have received a personal e-cig starter kit. This is different from getting a stick kit that glows strangely. You as well find enclosed a user guide with dictates of proper techniques of care and application for the product. There also are two flat black coloured batteries included having the brand name Vapestick written lengthwise in large prints just next to LED tip that is blue in colour. No person should mistake traditional cigarettes with the electronic version Vapestick XL sticks. The branding may appear overtly large but does present a modern clean look that does not appear cheap. Cartridges are of colour black as well but strength/flavour is distinguishable by colour of encircled ring.

The kit contains the following:

  • 1 charging case
  • 1 USB charge cable
  • 2 blue LED-tip batteries
  • 5 cartridges

Vapestick review – Battery life

In all, the battery which is 180mAh XL took around 90 minutes to regain charge after being plugged in to USB adapter directly. Despite its 250-puff rating, I only managed achieving around 140 puffs. Indeed, Vapestick quickly reminds us of the fact that the values reported largely depend on user habits, among them time and drag power.

vapestick battery

The charge case indeed is fast becoming standard for most starter kits of e-cigarettes and this applies to Vapestick too. It may be considered a premium feature, since it is able to hold 4 cartomisers along with 2 batteries (including one charging) in total. An LED light graces the anterior face and thus allowing a user to determine charging case mode of the Slimline V. This feature is very critical and the slimline case is able to charge a total of 3 powerless batteries, thereby enabling users to go for a day conveniently without need for recharging either case or battery.

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Vapestick review – Vapour/Smoke

Cartridges of Vapestick come by total in 6 flavours along with 4 strengths. The XL starter kit includes 5 only, limiting you to tobacco, menthol, original, cherry and apple flavours. Each cartomiser is encircled with rings, indicating your preferred flavour, whether brown, green, blue and red as well as neon green respectively. Nicotine contents for tobacco and original cartomiser stand at 2.4% and 1.8% for the rest included.

Vapestick cartomizers

Cartomisers have simple mechanism of screwing, which allows them to be attached onto battery, after which you can vape in style. The blue LED present at the other end illuminates after taking a drag, thus allowing you to know you are vaping. The Vapestick has a smooth draw though perhaps not smoother than for ROKs. The menthol and tobacco flavour however had stronger positive presence.

Vapestick offers assorted flavours including:

  • Original
  • Apple
  • Tobacco
  • Vanilla
  • Menthol
  • Cherry

All flavours come in 4 strengths of nicotine: 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.1% and 0%.  

Vapestick review – Starter Kits

You get 3 options for packaging available with Vapestick:

  • Classic Starter Kit. It contains medium (150mAh) battery, £29.99
  • XL Starter Kit, which supplies larger 190mAh battery, thus providing longer vaping in-between charges and one can choose the battery colour, £34.99
  • MAX Electronic Cigarette package supplies larger 650mAh battery, targeting highly-excessive smokers. It is able to withstand excessive vaping for days on end before requiring any recharge, £44.99.

Vapestick review – Customer support

VAPESTICK® has a ‘no-hassle’ 30 days Returns Policy on all products bought from our store online at the site If you purchase any product directly that is faulty, return it with a covering letter to us. We will then replace it or alternatively provide you full refund that includes cost of original postage. Take note that Vapestick products purchased elsewhere are not covered by this Returns Policy – Vapestick Guarantee.

Alternatively, From the date of purchase, you could return the device which is non-faulty in a 1 week, or for the faulty one, 1 month, but please make sure to peruse their policy carefully.

There are multiple ways of contacting the customer service of Vapestick. They maintain a toll-free phone-number, Twitter and Facebook page and you can also reach them online through their support team. Multiple sources have informed me of their quick response to any problems or queries, which implies that their customer service desk is ready to serve you.

Vapestick review – Conclusion

There is not a lot more to be noted all in all. Vapestick appears to have paid attention to the aspects which matter most. These include battery performance, flavours, vapour and responsiveness. PCC, the portable charging case, is especially designed well.

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Smoker Joe

Took getting used to e-cigs but these are my favorite. Goodbye tar.

Dave Townsend

Initially, I was really impressed with the style of the vaporisers and I have purchased about £250 of the products online. However, when I first bought two packs of 2x pre-filled clearomisers the black mouthpiece broke onthe one, the second one cracked and leaked in my pocket another one just doesn’t work. I still persevered with Vapestick but now have more problems with my most recent order: The max PLUS battery – the button has broken after only two days of use. The slimline e-cig re-chargable case just doesn’t work. The two chrome slimline e-cigs now take around 7 hours… Read more »


Vapestic started off well when i initially purchased my kit a few years ago, but as of late its really getting beyond a joke with the regularity that they are unable to fulfil my order, just a look at their records and you can see this isn’t the first time, and it doesn’t surprise me that they are starting to get poor reviews from people. Surely its someones job to monitor stock levels of popular items and reorder when they get to a certain minimum stock level!? For a company of their size and generating their revenue they don’t seem… Read more »