The Different Varieties Of E-Cigs

For a tobacco user the variety of e-cigs is confusing and for a non-smoker that is considering e-cigs the variety is even more confusing. The question that is asked most often is “What type of e-cigarette should I buy?” But before that question can be answered, you first need to understand that different types of e-cigs that are available.

While there are a lot of technical details about e-cigarettes, for this article, we are only going to cover some of the basics about the different types, including a small description that will help you make a decision which e-cig is best for you.

What Kind of E-Cigs Are Available?

There are various terms to described e-cigarettes, which resemble the tobacco cigarettes. Among those terms are:

  • Cig-A-Like
  • Mini-E-Cig
  • Slim Models

The Different Varieties Of E-Cigs

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The selling points of these are that they are affordable, convenient and lightweight. Within these are three different types of e-cigs as follows:

The One-Piece: These are disposable e-cigs are for the person that is searching for a nicotine fix that is temporary to simply “try out” the e-cig approach before making an investment of a more permanent type. They are also used by e-cig users that have run out of their cartridges.

This type of e-cig is not considered reliable by e-cig users. However, the companies that pioneered this non-tobacco cigarette have perfected this instrument. It is recommended that anyone that has to purchase a disposable type of e-cig to purchase only a reputable brand.

The Two-Piece: This type of e-cigarette is rechargeable and utilises cartomisers. There are some cartomisers that are re-fillable dependent upon which cartomisers are used. These types of e-cigs are regularly set up as an electronic cigarette starter kit at various price ranges.

The “kit” contains two parts:

  • A battery
  • A cartridge that has a built-in atomiser

The two pieces put together are called a “cartomiser,” which is screwed on to use and off when a replacement is needed. Because of how simple it is to use, this particular type of e-cigarette is the most popular. This 2 piece unit has automatic or manual batteries, with the manual requiring the user to push a button each time they take a draw. The automatic on the other hand activates on it’s on with each draw by the user.

Three-Piece: This type of e-cig has become obsolete and was built using an atomiser, a battery, and a cartridge that was filled with poly cotton. While there may still be some available in obscured places and they are still around by those who purchased them originally, they aren’t found as frequent as they once were. This style wasn’t as convenient, reliable, or as satisfying as the more popular 2 piece e-cigarette.

In addition to its lack of convenience and reliability, the cartridges leaked and even sometimes melted. It also didn’t produce a vapour on a steady basis, which may lend to the reason they weren’t as satisfying.

However, this style did have the benefit of the parts were replaceable. With that being kept in mind with manufacturers of e-cigs, a new model was spawned that was an improvement, and thus the 2 piece e-cig was born. It is recommended that if an e-cig user is to come across one of these 3-piece e-cig, to pass it over in lieu of a better made 2-piece style. Also there are various vape mods available.

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