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Skycig discount codeThe Sky Cig electronic cigarette is getting a lot of attention because of its simplicity and affordability.  They are very similar to the Blu Cigs which are very popular outside of the UK.  The Sky Cig is a fantastic standard example of an electronic cigarette and it simulates traditional smoking methods of a traditional cigarette without the harmful and even deadly effects of tobacco. It is cheap and easy to use without the cancer causing carcinogens that are found in tobacco smoke.

This is an electronic cigarette that also contains a flavoured nicotine liquid which is heated by an atomiser and turned into a vapor when it is activated by inhaling on the cartridge. This is safe for the person vaping and everyone surrounding them.

When you order the Sky Kit E cigarette you will get 2 batteries, a USB wall charger, a pack of cartomizers and a portable charger as well. The Sky Cig stands apart for the rest in function because of its charging differences where the wall and USB only charge the case. This in summary means the batteries will always be charged through the portable case.

Operating the Sky Cig is very easy indeed. It has a simple and straightforward design that anyone has to appreciate. One charge will last a long time, and 5 separate flavours can come in the sample pack. You get to choose then when you reorder, so you always get what you like. The Sky Cig kit starts at around 50 pounds, and the cartridges run around 9 pounds. Flavours are said to be decent, and the Sky Cig falls in the middle range of quality when it comes to E cigs overall.  Check out the Skycig discount code above and save money while changing your life and the lives of those surrounding you!

By clicking the coupon, the code will automatically be copied – so just “paste” it at the checkout.

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You are saving money, but you are not saving as much as you would with, let’s say, the V2 Cig. This is a great option for someone looking to quit, but if you plan to continue vaping it may be wise to look into an electronic cigarette that has more affordable refill options. You can give Skycigs a try by using the Skycig discount coupon code above for super discounts.

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