Personal Vaporizers are now dominating the Electronic Cigarette market

Personal VaporizersIn line with Market Watch, conventional ecigs that appear like cigars are not the industry’s top assets. As an alternative, open tank vapourisers, which enable users to customise their experience, are taking over the vaping business. Ecigs that have a tank style are currently selling 500 million dollars more each year compared to cigarette like replicas. This is a vital new development that electronic cigarette companies are keeping a close eye on while it grows.

Analysts working at Wells Fargo security pointed out that the electronic cigarette industry is currently worth 2.5 billion dollars each year. Only six months back, the microcig motif was top of the pack; however, things have currently turned around with 60% of the sales coming from open vaporizers. Analysts point out that the systems add 1.5 billion dollars of sales to the market; however, this number is going up every day.

Top Tobacco Analyst and the Managing Director of Wells Fargo, Bonnie Herzog stated that open systems are the big thing in the market and any company wishing to have a competitive advantage in the vaping market should supply this. Customers are quickly having confidence with the open tank vaporizers, while ecig users are shifting towards more dominant tank manner devices,” she held. “Over and above the experience presented through them, vaporizers are as well an inexpensive vaping alternative in the long run. We have discovered, for example that the daily spend per week for an open tank consumer is roughly 30% below that for an ecig consumer.”

Herzog held the business has witnessed a 23% growth till now and she anticipates the volatile business to go on growing at some point. “Open systems characterize a big prospect for the business, mainly vendors,” she elucidated. “In a current Tobacco Talk study of sellers, we found out that in future months, 100% intend to include both ecigs and open systems in their stores. Open systems are lucrative – with soaring margins – and of course, are rapidly increasing in quantity and shelf room at retail.”

Cynthia Cabrera an Executive Director approved that open tanks are the approach to take during the Smoke-Free Options Trade Association. She held that these days’ vapers are fascinated by customization given that older cigarette like models basically cannot match open tank vaporizers in terms of consumer-driven experience.

VMR Products an industry leader is as well behind the open tank movement and newly made public their own open tank product the V2 Pro series. CEO and Co-founder Jan Verleur held that clients are more and more engrossed in choosing e-liquids instead of sealed units. “Ecigs have been around for more than five years. During that period, we have witnessed a huge shift in consumer tastes towards open tank devices intended to go beyond the potentials of the mini-cigarette form aspect. These vapourising tanks represent a noteworthy expansion prospect for our business to meet growing consumer demand,” Verleur held.

What is your thought towards open tanks? Do you believe they are the most excellent option for superior vaping or do you desire sticking with the conventional cigarette like style?

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