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intellicig discount codeIntelliCig is one of the most common e-cigarette companies out there today. For those who don’t know, electronic cigarettes are a new craze that provides the vaper (e-cig smoker) with the same sensation of smoking a tobacco cigarette, but in a less invasive and less damaging way. Not to mention, they’re less expensive!

IntelliCig e-cigarettes word as a team. When the vaper inhales, the battery at the other end of the e-cigarette will light up (usually green). The battery then activates and heats the atomiser, which is the section of the e-cig that holds the e-liquid. When the e-liquid is heated it turns into water vapour, which is inhaled by user. The product works the same way a regular cigarette would minus the inhalation of harmful toxins, chemicals and smoke.

IntelliCig still uses the original, three-piece design for their product. This design structure has been updated into the two – piece design in many other companies but IntelliCig is sticking to their ways. However, IntelliCig does provide a modern take on their e-cigarette cases. The company offers two cases, both of which fold out. One case contains the cartridges while the other holds the items that go inside the e-cigarette (battery, e-liquid).

Like most e-cigarette companies, IntelliCig sells their products in bulks known as kits. Their most common kit sold being their IntelliCig Starter Kit. This starter kit comes with one battery, the atomiser, a USB cable for charging and five empty cartridges. Everything you need to get started is right there in that kit.

If you are a heavy smoker making the switch to e-cigarettes, you should invest in an extra battery along with the starter kit. This way you know you’ll never run out of power. You can also purchase a portable charger for your e- cigarettes that is small and resembles a tobacco cigarette box, but it does not come with the kit. Regardless of how many batteries you have, the battery life will last you an entire day unless you are a very heavy smoker, in which case it may cop out on you towards the evening. If you’re interested in ordering those extra products, check out the discount code above to ensure you’re getting the best deal!

Along with electronic cigarettes and accessories, IntelliCig offers its customers three e-liquid flavours to choose from. They offer regular strength tobacco flavour, rich tobacco flavour and the ever – popular menthol flavour for your enjoyment. Along with these flavours, IntelliCig also offers its customers the ability to customise the amount of nicotine they want in their e-cigarette. They offer anywhere from nicotine free to around 15%. This is a great method as it allows vapers trying to quit smoking entirely, to slowly decrease the amount of nicotine they want.

IntelliCig e-cigarettes are quickly becoming a leading competitor in this industry. Many customers greatly enjoy IntelliCig’s well-crafted flavours as well as the look and feel of the e-cigarette itself. The only downside seems to be that the starter kit only comes with the one battery and no portable charger so that can be a deal breaker for some customers. You can always purchase another battery though or even a portable charger. Use the discount code above to save on these items and others now!

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