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Welcome to 2016 best online e-cigarette website! This guide provides information about various types of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and e-cigars. Unlike other sites that offer electronic cigarette reviews, this site is different. It brings out the key differences between styles used on e-cigarettes and companies manufacturing them. The site further provides important reviews and helpful recommendations without incorporating ads and popups that are pushy to clients.

Have a glance and feel comfortable, you are just a few steps away from getting the best device for all your requirements. Select a device category listed below to examine the benefits of every device.

 We know how important it is for you to identify the best e-cigarette to assist you as you strive to live free of tobacco. In addition, we know that it is also prudent for you to understand what really makes different electronic cigarettes and e-liquids unique. You probably also need to know the specific device that will fit your needs without having to buy ten or fifteen different types before you can establish the best one for you.

Anybody who has been searching on the internet for good e-cigarattes must have encountered many flashing banners as well as sales pitches that are very pushy. In addition, most of the kits provide reviews on basic starter kits, but fail to include info on various device styles which can work better for different users.

In this site, things are presented differently. You are going to learn about various devices available in the market presently. For sure, the devices come in different types and each of them has unique characteristics that distinguish it from the rest. The site will give you info about all the devices from the simplest disposable electronic cigarette models to personal vaporizers that are more advanced. After understanding what every type of electronic cigarette does, it will be easier for you to get the one that’s the best fit for you. However, if you select the wrong devices, there are very high chances of finding yourself fighting with the urge to go back to tobacco because of disappointments and the craving.

This is the reason why I came up with this website. I would like to assist smokers understand the whole world of electronic cigarettes without going through the cumbersome work of reading miles of pressurizing reviews. Here, you are going to get valuable info about varying styles as well as device types. In addition, you will be exposed to useful reviews that will help you as you try to identify and purchase the best gadget for you regardless of wherever you are.

The Rechargeable E-Cigarette

Made for: Light to Average Smokers, if the Disposable Type Never Satisfied You

One of the fastest growing models of electronic cigarettes is the rechargeable type. These are advantageous because they come with batteries that are reusable and cartridges for nicotine liquid that are replaceable. They are also better when it comes to saving costs compared to disposables because in the long term your expenditure will reduce by a big margin. It is advisable that you look for the best starter kits in order to enjoy complete benefits that come from vaping. With various sizes, colours, and styles to select from, purchasing the most appropriate starter kit is not always a walk in the park. However, you do not have to worry because you are going to get some of the trendiest rechargeable kits for starters that received the most attention in 2013 below. Therefore, you do not have to keep looking all over the internet to come up with a list of the types that you should consider buying.

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The Disposable E-Cigarette

Made for: Intermittent Smokers, Casual Smokers, First Time Smokers

Disposables are very common in the market today. You will get them in gas stations, over-the-counter, super markets, general retailers, and even bars. Many smokers start with this type and consequently love and continue using them or hate and stop using them altogether. They can be likened to a small drop of water in an ocean. Though some people find this very satisfying, those who are heavier smokers often prefer more powerful types of electronic cigarettes. For those who are new to electronic cigarettes, the best thing is to start here before moving to the next level.

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The EGO E-Cigarette

Made For: Medium to Heavy Smokers, Especially if the rechargeable ones never satisfied you

For people who are used to smoking or heavier smokers, the next best option after trying rechargeables and never getting satisfied is the e-Go type. Because they have bigger batteries and other better options, they earn greater respect and popularity among the users. To some, these electronic cigarettes are the most popular brands in the market. When a client selects a model such as the standard 510 threading on the battery, it means that any tank or cartridge using 510 threading will work effectively with it. The Ego comes with a larger tank which is capable of holding more liquid compared to the standard electronic cigarettes. When this is combined with a special bigger battery, any smoker is assured of satisfaction before the need for recharging comes up.

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The E-Liquid/ E-Juice

Once you select the appropriate e-cig, you will need to select the appropriate e-juice that goes with it.  Most of the rechargeable electronic cigarettes, ego, as well as personal vaporizers are easily refilled using available flavour liquids. With the market having thousands of varying flavours, and a number of selections with different nicotine strengths, E-liquid provides great flexibility that was previously not possible in conventional tobacco smoking. It is advisable for you to go for e-liquids of great quality preferably made by US manufacturers and sold by a vendor who is reliable. Do not consider settling for cheaper options manufactured from other countries because many of them are of poorer quality. Though the cost of quality e-liquid could be higher, it is still much cheaper compared to smoking tobacco.

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Electronic Cigar/ E-cigar

Made For: Common Cigar Smokers

Enjoying a vigorous cigar when playing poker is considered a past thing in the modern world. What do you think? Is it? These new members in the market are fast becoming very popular, especially with people who are hoping to get tastes that are as rich as those from cigars without being left with noxious smoke and stinky smell that comes from conventional cigars. An e-cig provides you with the best solution to enjoy the feeling smokers yearn for in conventional cigars. E-cigs taste great and give you better sense of satisfaction without smoke! This makes them convenient for use even in public places. Try one today and you will be surprised.

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  1. E-cigs taste great and give you better sense of satisfaction without smoke! This makes them convenient for use even in public places. Try one today and you will be surprised.

  2. Second time I’ve been caught between ecigs cartomisers I have bought this cig I think its guaranteed over 200 puffs no chance only unless I have stronger pull than the average smoker Doubt it , disappointed for the price huh

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