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Green smoke review - The Brand Green Smoke is probably the most famous E-Cig brand in the USA and internationally, while their popularity is growing rapidly in the UK. Their products can be pricier than others, but they are well known for their all-round great quality, including vapour volume and…

Review Overview

Price - 91%
Quality - 97%
Vapour volume - 96%
Flavour - 95%
Shipping - 97%
Customer Service - 95%


#1 in the UK

Great quality kit, with a great flavour and vapour volume. In our opinion, this is the best kit available in the UK.

Green smoke review – The Brand

Green Smoke is probably the most famous E-Cig brand in the USA and internationally, while their popularity is growing rapidly in the UK. Their products can be pricier than others, but they are well known for their all-round great quality, including vapour volume and battery life. In fact, it is this excellence in all aspects that has helped Green Smoke become the Number 1 E-Cig brand. I also emailed their customer relations department and received detailed and useful advice within several hours, indicating that they take their customer care seriously.

My Experience with Green Smoke
From start to finish, I very much enjoyed the experience with Green Smoke. I ordered the Pro Starter Kit, which arrived quickly (3 days after ordering) in a classy-looking package containing a manual, chargers (wall socket & USB), 2 batteries (one long, one short) and 10 cartomisers (in 2 packs of 5). You also receive a membership to Green Smoke, which is a nice touch, albeit one designed to foster customer loyalty. A cool case is provided to carry the E-Cigarettes and batteries too – its lid is attached magnetically, and the whole thing fits nicely in your pocket.

Green Smoke reviewI will go into details of the product itself shortly, but to stay with overall impressions for now, I have to say that Green Smoke proved to be excellent in many ways – from the package itself to the fact that this kit comes with 2 batteries, with its obvious quality as well as impressive aftercare, I would happily recommend this company to a friend.
Although the price was higher than some others, I personally found this to be balanced by the product itself along with the extras (including the cool case and 2 batteries).

Now, let’s move onto the product itself…

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Green smoke review – Product and Kits
You can choose from 3 starter kits, all of which contain everything necessary to get started. As I said, I selected the Pro Starter Kit, which includes 2 batteries, making it ideal for those who smoke a lot or who are often on the go, because you can recharge one while you are using the other. However, you could also go for the Express Kit (which comes with one battery and 5 carts) or the Love Birds Kit (meant for 2 persons). Pro kit includes:

• 2 batteries,Green Smoke kit

• 10 cartridges,

• wall charger,

• USB charger,

• Green Smoke membership card,

• protective case,

• users manual.

Green smoke review – Battery Life
Green Smoke has two options in batteries. The first is a shorter life batter and the second a longer life batter. Not surprisingly the longer life batter takes longer to charge, but also offers a longer vaping experience. The long batter has a battery life of about 3 hours. Charging the battery can be a little inconvenient. The batter must the screwed into the USB, if you are using a USB to charge, this is rather simple. But if you want to use a wall outlet you must then use the wall adapter. Once everything has been put together you then plug the battery, USB and wall adapter into the wall outlet. It seem a bit more convenient to just use the USB charger when possible. Another option is to use the USB-linked e-cig. This is easy to do if you are close to a power source. It is not the most esthetically pleasing device in the world, but it will allow you to vape if you are waiting for you other battery to charge.

Green smoke review – Vapour / Smoke
One thing Green Smoke is renowned for is the vapour volume, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed –this E-Cig lived up to all the hype – a great deal of vapour was produced, replicating the sense of a real cigarette. I had heard that Green Smoke was just about the best when it comes to the vapour given out, and my own experience concurred with this.

Green Smoke refills

Green Smoke excelled in this department too – their flavours are some of the best tasting and more authentic of any E-Cig I have tried. Their tobacco flavour tastes real while their “red label” tobacco also successfully reproduces the taste of cigarettes like Marlboro Reds. Other flavours on offer are chocolate, coffee, menthol and vanilla, all of which taste great and are really enjoyable. The slight downside is that Green Smoke sell fewer flavours than some other brands.

Green smoke review – Video

Green smoke review – Returns Policy
Green Smoke has one of the best 30-day money back guarantees on the market. They state that this is a “no questions asked” policy. The customer simply completes the form and returns the kit. It is important to note that although this is a very good money back guarantee, it is only for their starter kits. This does not cover all products.

Green Smoke also offers a limited 12 month warranty on products bought through their website. This covers manufacturing defects or damage while shipping. Only the original customer may make use of this warranty. As with all warranties, it does not cover damage due to neglect, misuse or tamping. Cartridges are also not covered by warranty because they are disposable.

Green smoke review – Discount Coupons
As I mentioned earlier, Green Smoke kits can cost a bit more than other brands, so this is where we can really help you, with our exclusive discount coupons. We have both 5% and a 10% discounts – see below for the details of each, and click on either one to get your discount.

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Green Smoke Coupon - 10%
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Green smoke review – Conclusion
I have personally found that Green Smoke lives up to its reputation, and delivers on product, extras, quality and value for money. Although their kits cost more than some of the other E-Cigarette brands, in my opinion, you get what you pay for. With Green Smoke, you end up with a dependable E-Cig that lasts and is easy to charge, which also gives you some of the best flavours and vapour of any on the market. I can highly recommend their products.

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Final Green Smoke Review Verdict: The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Is Highly Recommended By!

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