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gamucci discount codeCigarette smoking certainly has its upsides and downsides and, in many places, smokers deem cigarette bans to be the biggest ‘obstacle’ they have to face. United Kingdom has its fair share of these cigarette bans, prohibiting smoking in public and other places. As a result, many simply opt to stay home, where they can smoke in the privacy of their own domains.

The boom of the electronic cigarette industry is definitely changing this trend. With the introduction of electronic cigarettes, simply referred to as e-cigs, is now providing a friendlier alternative, in more ways than one.

Of course, there have been cigarette alternatives introduced in the past, such as gums and patches. However, e-cigs are found to be better by many since it perfectly simulates the actual pull and drag of the act of smoking. E-cigs are not as harmful as traditional cigarettes since, instead of irritating and dangerous cigarette smoke, it emits vapour. The vapour, in turn, acts as the conduit which delivers nicotine into the system of the smoker.

Many electronic cigarette companies have introduced a number of e-cigs in the market, each with their own distinct features. One of them is the Gamucci Electronic Cigarette by Gamucci, a company that has been producing e-cigs since 2007 for worldwide distribution. It prides itself on its simple e-cig design, which involves only a cartomizer and a battery that also transforms into cigarette filter.

Gamucci Electronic Cigarette offers a wide range of flavours and various nicotine strengths. This is very convenient for smokers who are more adventurous, and those who have varying levels of nicotine addiction. Users can choose among flavours such as Cherry, Coffee, Cola, Grape, and Regular Tobacco.

The Gamucci Electronic Cigarette

The packaging of the Gamucci Electronic Cigarette is made from stronger cardboard, the box securely containing the various components of the e-cigs. If you are relatively new to e-cigs, the safest way to get started would be to choose the Gamucci Starter Kit.

The Gamucci Starter Kit contains the following:

  •           One (1) 3-pack cartomiser
  •           Two (2) batteries, already fully charged upon purchase
  •           One (1) USB charger
  •           One (1) UK plug adapter
  •           One (1) European plug adapter for mains charging.
  •           User manual
  •          A separate sling bag for storage

Assembly is very easy; simply screw the battery/filter into the cartomiser, and you’re all set! Draw in the vapours and you’re already ‘smoking’.

The Battery Life

If you ask e-cig smokers about the most vital consideration when choosing electronic cigarettes, don’t be surprised when a great majority of them goes for battery life. Not many smokers appreciate having to recharge the batteries time and time again. They want to enjoy vaping away without fear of the battery running out after only a short while.

One full charge of the battery of the Gamucci E-Cig will produce up to 378 puffs. It would be a different story if you opt for two light bulbs, since that would consume battery life much faster.


Have you had enough of regular cigarettes, and are looking to switch to electronic cigarettes? Then choosing the Gamucci E-Cigs is definitely a grand idea. It’s undoubtedly safer to use and very simple in operation. You can also take advantage of the Gamucci discount code above, an offer that includes a cartomiser, the battery, and a variety of charge options. It comes available with 8 flavours and 5 varying nicotine strength options, as well as the sturdy packaging and a sling bag for storage. Don’t miss your chance to have a safer and more fun cigarette smoking experience, thanks to Gamucci.

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