Electronic cigarette side effects

electronic cigarette side effectsSo, you would like to know more about electronic cigarettes. You may be wondering if there are any harmful side effects from using E-cigarettes. The health hazards of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes are well documented. You don’t have to look far to find a long list of debilitating health problems caused by smoking. You may be asking yourself: Are E-cigarettes connected with such health risks also?  Are they any safer to use then traditional cigarettes? What is all the hype about? If you are asking yourself any of those questions, then you have come to the right place.

When you switch from traditional cigarettes to E-cigarettes you may experience a few side effects. In this article, I would like to help you understand why you may be experiencing some of these. First, I want to make a distinction between the different types of side effects you may experience.

There are three basic types of side effects. The first is related to stopping traditional cigarettes. When you switch from traditional cigarettes to E-cigarettes your body will go through an adjustment period. This is because you are finally allowing your body to start functioning without all those harmful carcinogens continually entering your system. The second type can be related to learning how to regulate your nicotine intake. The third type is related to the Propylene Glycol (PG) used in E-cigarettes. Propylene Glycol is a moisture retaining substance known as a humectant. Making sure to drink plenty of water and other liquids helps to keep you hydrated and greatly reduces any side effects from PG.

Side Effects Related to Stopping Traditional Cigarettes
Coughing up Tar
This is actually a good thing. It shows that your body is starting to clean out all those toxins from your lungs. Your lungs are attempting to return to a normal and healthier state. This is because your body is now beginning to recover from some of the effects of smoking traditional cigarettes.
Bleeding Gums This is another common issue reported by those who are trying to quit smoking. Smoking causes vaso-constriction, meaning that your blood vessels get squeezed very small. Part of the reason they may bleed is because more blood is now trying to get back through the gums. This should pass with in a week or so.
Facial Spotting or Acne As with coughing up tar, your body is trying to detox and get rid of all those toxins it was exposed to while you were smoking. The pores on your face are a good outlet for toxins to escape. This should clear up as your body returns to normal.
Dizziness or Headaches Since the chemicals in your brain, along with oxygen levels, are changing due to quitting smoking you may experience some dizziness or headaches. These should pass after a few days.
Side Effects Related to Nicotine Intake
The headache may be because if you have taken in too much nicotine. If you experience this, take a short break from your E-cigarette, drink some water and relax. Please check out the article on selecting your nicotine strength e-liquid and adjust accordingly.
Hiccups These can be related to taking in too much nicotine also. As I mentioned above, you should check out the article on selecting your nicotine strength e-liquid. You also should not be swallowing any drops of e-liquid. Immediately stop using your e-cigarette and buy a new one if e-liquid is entering your mouth.
Side Effects Related to PG
Throat or Nose Discomfort If your nose or throat become dry or sore, it could be because of the Propylene Glycol (PG) is drying out your nose or throat. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. You should adjust from your cigarette smoke to the vapour with in a few weeks.
Muscle Aches Since PG is converted into lactic acid in your body, it is possible to have muscle aches at times. Drinking plenty of water helps the body naturally rid itself of lactic acid.

As you can see there are a few side effects that you may experience while you transition from traditional cigarettes to E-cigarettes. Most of them are not directly related to the E-cigarette, but from quitting smoking or the learning curve related to e-liquid use. The actual side effects from the E-cigarette are minimal and the health benefits greatly out way these initial side effects. If you haven’t read The benefits of E-cigarettes I would encourage you to take a look at it.

As with all side effects, if any of them persist or become worse you should always consult your doctor. This article is to provide information about side effects, but should not be used as medical advice. Consult your doctor if you have further questions or concerns about your health.

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