Electronic cigarette review

We are happy to see you on our Electronic cigarette review page! Here you will find all reviews published on our site – starting from the best and ending with worse brands. We are trying to test every brand possible, however, if you can’t find your brand here, please Contact us and we will do our best to review your brand.

We are sure, that your main goal is to find a perfect E-Cigarette. But at the beginning it can be quite complicated, right? At least it I was really frustrated before choosing my first electronic cigarette. There are so many brands and each of them claims that their E-Cigs are the best. It’s almost impossible to make the right choice without reading reviews. The main reason why we made this is to provide our visitors with detailed and honest reviews. We test Vapour production, flavours, “throat hit”, battery life and overall performance. We are trying to make all reviews as honest as possible, no matter how huge and popular brand is.

We also provide our visitors with unique discount coupons, to help you on savings. All discount coupons can be find here. Our main goal is to help you find your E-Cigarette. We want to help you, so providing you with honest and detailed reviews is the best we can do for you! Also feel free to leave comments with your own experience or even leave your own review! We will be more than happy to publish your experience and thoughts.

Electronic cigarette review

ROK review

Rok review

ROK review – The Brand Well, for anyone who has any experience with or has researched anything about E-Cigarettes, you will have come across ROK. They are one of the UK market leaders, and have a decent reputation. So I decided to give them a go, having never tried them before myself, but heard good things from others who have. My Experience with ROK I have to say, ROK give one of the best first impressions of any of the E-Cigarette packages. They have a same-day dispatch service on weekdays before ... Read More »

Intellicig Review

Intellicig review

Intellicig Review- The Brand Intellicig is an established e-cigarette company based in the north-west of England, and has been around since 2008. It has grown into a well reputed brand and now has around 40 employees. They are one of the few e-cigarette companies whose e-liquid is produced in the UK. My Experience with Intellicig I ordered the standard starter kit and it arrived within a few days, and included ten free refill capsules with £7.99, so we were off to a good start. Unlike a lot of other e-cigarettes, Intellicig’s ... Read More »

Skycig review

Skycig review

Skycig review – the brand SkyCig are well-known – their E-Cigarettes are well-renowned for being among the best and most vapers will know of them, so I don’t need to say too much here – suffice to say, they are a decent company, with a reputation for producing great E-Cigs. My Experience with SkyCig I have to admit, I have been a regular SkyCig user in the past, and so when it came to writing the review, I already had a good idea of what I would say. One of ... Read More »

Neatcigs Review

neatcigs review

The Brand Neatcigs is a new company, founded in 2011 – they are based in Peterborough, and are a Small company with just 15 members of staff, but if you do some quick research about them, it appears they are doing things in the right way. Firstly, they are growing into the market, which is always a good sign, and secondly, they keep very high standards, and produce their e-liquid in the UK, as opposed to China like many other brands, meaning the liquid and flavours are made to UK ... Read More »

Nicolites review

Nicolites review

Nicolites review – The Brand Nicolites, an England Company, was started in Birmingham about six years and has continued to grow steadily over time.  Interestingly, the company has also partnered and become the main official Birmingham City Football Club official partner. As a result, you can anticipate seeing Nicolites adverts as you follow the famous English football matches. The striking thing that Nicolites users note is the starter kits because they appear basic in relation to others. Because of their cheapness, they are better for people who do not want ... Read More »

Vapestick review

Vapestick review

Vapestick review – The Brand In spite of being founded below five years back, the Group Vapestick has in fact managed establishing itself within the UK market. It has attained a local client base that is increasing gradually. This company is based in Middlesex, where it manufactures electronic cigarette kits together with accessories of various kinds. The kits range between $30 and $45 in price and target first-time smokers of electronic cigarettes or those who are budget-conscious. Vapestick e-cigarettes, just like many larger brands, feature two-piece system, comprising of battery ... Read More »

VIP electronic cigarette review

Vip electronic cigarette

VIP Electronic cigarette: designed for VIPs? VIP, an electronic cigarette launched in the year 2009, is a distributor currently located outside Manchester. The comprehensive website for this company has general information about this electronic cigarette and how clients can order them directly. VIP electronic cigarette saw a serious boom in popularity along other industries in electronic cigarettes. Recent spotlight by the media about the controversies that surround electronic cigarettes have been the key for the boom. VIP has great selections for starter kits, electronic cigarettes, and accessories. Packaging/Shipping VIP electronic ... Read More »

Gamucci review

Gamucci review

The Brand The other brand of electronic cigarette located within London, UK is Gamucci. They have offices in addition within Asia and the USA. Umer and Taz Sheikh founded Gamucci in 2007. This brand has been around for quite long and is among the first E-cig firms within Europe. Gamucci has merchandised its products across more than 55 countries globally and manufactures its electronic cigarettes in China. Packaging/Shipping The Micro Deluxe Starter from Gamucci arrived promptly, packaged in subtle white box of cardboard, with clear company logo branding. Removing the ... Read More »

Smoko review

smoko review

The Brand With so many electronic cigarette options these days, users of e-cigarettes have the less enviable task of trying to find the one that suits them best. On the brighter side, they are also presented with more options to choose from, as manufacturers of e-cigarettes are upping their game, coming up with better product offerings. Stepping up to the challenge of giving more choices to e-cigarette users is SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes, also known simply as iSmoko, an electronic cigarette company based just outside of London. It’s still a ... Read More »

Totally Wicked review

totally wicked review

The brand When electronic cigarettes came into existence, one of the first big names to become associated with it is Totally Wicked, an electronic cigarettes company with its base of operations set outside of Blackburn in the UK. With a wide selection of products ranging from electronic cigarettes to e-liquids and various e-cigs accessories, it has successfully gained a prominent place among e-cigs users and in the electronic cigarettes industry as a whole. My Totally Wicked Experience Users can choose among the 23 starter kits offered by Totally Wicked, the ... Read More »