Best Ego Electronic Cigarettes

ego electronic cigaretteEgo electronic cigarette is a deviation from the rechargeable style and is meant for people who want more vapour as well as larger batteries. They hold more benefits because they come in many sizes, colours, and even styles for the user to select from. Using the Ego is also simpler and users indicate that you can rarely go wrong with this kit. The batteries are larger, stronger, and can last for up to a full day. Their tanks are designed with equal strength and will take an equally long period of time. It is considered the ideal e-cig for average to very heavy smokers. However, these characteristics do not make the type any simpler when it comes to selecting because they are available in different sizes, colours, and even other features.

These e-cigs make great marks in the history and market of electronic cigarettes because of their tastes and preference by average to heavy smokers. Those who use this type describe it in two words; ‘the best’.

To give you some more info about ‘Ego’, the term is used in describing the battery unit, not the whole kit. You will be required to purchase a separate atomiser or tank to screw on to the upper part of the Ego in order to have a complete electronic cigarette. When you visit a seller, selecting a starter kit for Ego is not difficult. One of the key reasons supporting this assertion is that Ego uses a standard “510” type of threat for screwing the battery to the e-cig atomiser. Because most of the manufacturers use the 510 thread model, any atomiser will perfectly fit. It is like opening hundreds of electronic cigarettes options for cartomizers, clearomizers, atomisers and even tanks.

The commonest tanks for Ego electronic cigarettes include:

  • Atomiser: – Only the heating part. Release two to five drops onto the heating filament Clearomizers: – The heating filament in this case comes hidden in a tank. The e-liquid is supplied to the element using a special wick.
  • Cartomizers: -Here, the element is carefully wrapped in a polly-fill that has been soaked in an e-liquid.
  • Tankomizers: – This is a type of Cartomizer that carefully sits in a bigger tank filled with e-liquid. A hole is strategically drilled in the cartomizer to allow e-liquid get to the wick and keep it soaked.

You only have one button when using Ego battery. You press this button to turn it on or off. It is advisable to make sure it is turned off completely when in your pocket to reduce chances setting it on accidentally.

Many users indicate that Ego provide the best and highest quantity of vapour. The total value as well as flexibility makes them a good option to consider when looking for special vaping experience. If you tried previous models such as disposables and rechargeables and you could not get the ultimate satisfaction you were seeking, it is advisable to try one of the above Ego tanks. The cost is also reasonable and the resultant amount of vapour is truly amazing. If you are a starter, go for an Ego starting kit which will give all that you need to get into real vaping. Besides, select good tastes by visiting great e-liquid web pages to review what is in stock.

Many manufacturers of this brand produce devices with similar looks, which they as well as others refer to as “Ego”. Because of this, the word “Ego” is a generalization for all e-cigarettes taking similar shapes. Many Ego electronic cigarettes listed below can be labelled as Ego model product. However, not all of them fit the label.


  1. I’m a heavy smoker 60plus a day what is your advice on the best one to use thanks

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