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E-lites discount codeE-Lites are one of many popular choices in electronic cigarettes today that is readily available to consumers. They are very similar in look, packaging and style to Marlboro brand tobacco cigarettes. They offer a wide range of flavour choices while eliminating cancer causing carcinogens.

Nicotine laden flavoured liquid replaces tobacco in E-Lites. When it is inhaled through the cartridge it turns into a vapour and satisfies the body’s craving for nicotine as well as the habitual practice of smoking. The only difference is you are vaping, and everyone around you including yourself ends up healthier because of it!

You will also get the instructions, which are easy because it is a 3 step process. It is in no way complicated. Once it is assembled and charged fully you are good to go. Unlike some of its cheaper counterparts the battery does not need several pulls to respond, and you will start vaping right away. To find more about E-lites, please read full E-lites review here..

The LED light that shows you taking a drag is green, and a blinking light is an indicator that the device needs to be charged. The LED light is in place so that people in public settings are aware that you are vaping rather than smoking. Your battery lasts for somewhere around 30 to 40 traditional cigarettes, and recharging can safely take place up to 300 times before they need to be replaced entirely.  It is recommended to change the battery once a year.

In a nutshell, E-Lites are good for people who want to cut back or quit smoking all together. They are safer, and they will save you money at the end of the day since each E cig by E-Lights are equivalent to around 40 packs. Consumers say that the product is dependable and solid. We have no problem recommending E-Lites highly to consumers as a safe, quality alternative to tobacco cigarettes. We are happy to offer the above E-Lites discount code for your vaping pleasure and big savings. Use this E-Lites discount code to try E-Lites and save a ton of cash in the long run.

By clicking the coupon, the code will automatically be copied – so just “paste” it at the checkout.

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