Best E-Liquid in the UK | Which are the Most Popular E-Juices?

Making the right choice of e-liquid is key to maximising the pleasure of your vaping experience. Every company offers a wealth of choices with various varieties and flavours to pick from, so it can be tricky to choose which company is the best one for you.

Your choice of e-juice very much comes down to personal opinion. For example, you may prefer the authentic taste of tobacco flavours or like fruity or exotic flavours better. You may have a preference for a particular brand even if others don’t like it so much. If you want to choose an e-liquid to be your favourite, you might want to experiment and try out different types before making a decision.

Here we look at some of the top e-liquid companies on the UK market today. If you want try produce vapour that is high quality with a smooth taste, you are bound to find something suitable here!

Best E-Liquid brands in the UK 2018

RankBrandFlavourVapourCustomer SatisfactionOverall Rating
Vsavi 100% VG
Vapour2 (V2 Cigs)

Best Tobacco E-Juices

best tobacco vape juices

V2 Red Tobacco

If you’ve only just made the switch from regular cigarettes to vaping, you’re probably looking for an e-juice that tastes familiar and which captures the traditional tobacco experience, and V2 Red Tobacco is just such an e-liquid.

With its hearty classic tobacco flavour, it has a pleasant and distinct throat hit that will appeal to heavy smokers with just a hint of sweetness in the undertones. Although it doesn’t quite capture the essence of any of the big brand cigarettes, it does have a pretty authentic taste that will make you feel like you have just finished a full-bodied cigarette. This is one of the best cig liquid flavours from V2.

Apollo Classic Tobacco E-Liquid

If you normally prefer dessert-inspired e-liquids, you should definitely give Apollo Classic Tobacco e-juice a try. While it is described by the manufacturer as a full-bodied American tobacco blend, in fact this e-liquid definitely lacks a traditional tobacco flavour, instead having distinct coffee and chocolate overtones with an aniseed aftertaste. Highly scented and very sweet, this hearty offering from Apollo produces impressive vapour – ideal for cloud chasers. While this may be a little too sickly to vape all day, it gives a nice kick after a meal.

EPuffer Premium Tobacco

EPuffer’s Premium Tobacco e-juice blends golden Virginia with prime Turkish tobacco leaves making this one of their top flavours. With an e-liquid base that is 70% PG to 30% VG, this product is guaranteed to be non-allergic, alcohol free, kosher, vegan and gluten free. It is crafted by the most skilled flavourists and chemists in the industry and is backed up by 8 years of company experience in producing quality e-liquids. As mentioned previously, Epuffer is one of the best e liquid brands in the UK.

Best Fruity E-Juices

best uk vape juice

V2 Platinum Grape

Lovers of exotic and fruity flavours are going to get a great hit from V2’s Platinum Grape e-juice. With every puff you can enjoy the taste of summer, yet it isn’t so sweet that you’re going to feel overpowered. I found this to be one of the more robust fruit e-liquids, and as it comes in a choice of 5 nicotine strengths, you can choose the right one to suit your needs so that you can enjoy the perfect throat hit.

Apollo Berry Blend E-Liquid

If, like me, you’re a big fan of fruity flavours, this berry blend from Apollo won’t disappoint. A tasty mix of blueberry, raspberry and blackberry, this e-juice doesn’t just have a delicious taste but it also has a pleasant throat hit thanks to its 60/40 PG/VG blend. With its smooth and natural taste, this is a pretty refreshing e-liquid with plenty of aroma that will keep you satisfied all day.

Epuffer Cherry

Cherry might be one of the classic e-liquid flavours, but this version from ePuffer stands out from the rest. Capturing the essence of ripe Italian cherries, it is deliciously fruity and refreshing while not being so sweet that it tastes sickly. If, like me, you love lots of rich vapour, you’ll be pleased with this product too as the 60/40 PG/VG mix produces pretty impressive clouds.

JacVapour Banana Milkshake

Sweet, yet creamy, this banana milkshake e-juice tastes exactly like the real thing. A top choice for any banana lover, this e-juice has been described as being similar to Banana Nesquik and is a strong flavour for when you want to sample something a little different. One of the brand’s top retailing flavours, it is the ideal treat.

Best E-Liquids for Sub Ohm Vaping (Max VG)

Vape juice for Sub Ohm Vaping


If you are looking for 100% VG, whether you just love clouds or have a PG sensitivity then VSAVi 100% VG is the e liquid of choice. Made in ISO labs and fully tested, this organic juice has a good variety of flavours in their Gourmet Range. Try the rich tasting Apricot or Coconut for a perfect balanced flavour with maximum vapour. Or get their sampler pack and find your favourite!

VSAVi is specially formulated to be a lot less viscous than other VG e liquids so it won’t clog up your tank, pure taste, maximum vapour.

FAQ Guava Blast Max VG

When it comes to fruity flavours, sometimes it feels like a lot of e-juices just aren’t trying hard enough. While a simple cherry or grape e-liquid is fine from time to time, don’t we all just long for something completely unique that really tantalises the tastebuds? If this sounds all too familiar, FAQ Guava Blast could be the e-juice you’ve been waiting for – an exotic and tastebud tingling mix of guava and lemongrass that will really set your tongue on edge!

Perfectly tart and uniquely refreshing, this is definitely going to be the most interesting vape you’ve tried for a while, and although it might be a little overpowering for some, if you have a sweet tooth, this e-liquid is sure to hit the spot!

Smoozie Maui Waui Max VG

Those of us who prefer sub-ohm vaping are always on the lookout for new and exciting flavours to keep us going all day, and Smoozie Maui Waui has to be one of the best offerings on the market today.

Designed to replicate the delicious creaminess of your favourite smoothie, this gorgeous blend mixes the mouthwatering freshness of wild strawberries with smooth banana and pineapple for a vape that tastes great at any time.

If you love sweet flavours, you can’t miss this fantastic e-juice – it’s incredibly smooth and flavoursome without being too overpowering making it a must-have e-liquid for your collection.

Best Menthol Flavoured E-Juices

menthol flavour

V2 Platinum Menthol

If you have a fondness for the minty freshness of menthol, V2 Platinum Menthol is sure to hit the spot. The cool crispness of this e-juice packs a pretty powerful punch and its refreshing flavour lingers on for some time even after you’ve finished vaping.

Some people may find it a little too strong for their taste, but for those of you who loved your menthol cigarettes, this e-liquid will give you the experience you’ve been craving. V2 offers one of the best menthol e liquid in the UK.

Apollo Menthol Breeze E-Liquid

Recreate the experience of eating a Fox’s Glacier Mint with this fantastically cool and minty e-liquid from Apollo. Perfect for people like me who always preferred menthol cigarettes, the hit from this e-juice is refreshing and zingy without blowing your head off. Ideal for all day vaping, this 50/50 PG/VG e-juice has the perfect blend of vapour and flavour for an all-round vape.

EPuffer Menthol

Fans of menthol cigs are always looking for a clean and minty freshness from their vape, and they get just that with Epuffer’s menthol flavour. Not as strong as some of its rival brands, it still produces a pleasant aftertaste that will make you feel refreshed, and it has a wonderfully smooth taste that makes it ideal for vaping at any time, but especially for your first vape of the day!

Whether you only need a tiny amount of nicotine to keep you ticking over or a much stronger hit, Epuffer Menthol is ideal for you as it comes in a choice of strengths, and if you’re a cloud chaser, this e-juice is also a great choice with its above-average vapour production thanks to its 70/30 PG/VG blend.

JacVapour Pure Menthol

One of their top selling products, JacVapour’s Pure Menthol e-juice allows for a clean minty vape that has a refreshing kick and aftertaste. This Pure Menthol flavour blends menthol with tobacco for a delicious and impressive flavour, but for an extra hit of tobacco, it can be mixed with any of the other tobacco flavour e-juices in the range. It is worth to mention that Jacvapour is one of the few brands which offer UK made E Liquid.

TOP E-Juice brands for 2018

#1 In the UK for 2018 – V2 Platinum E-Liquids

v2 vape juices

Well known for their high quality products, V2’s Platinum E-liquids are rigorously tested in a laboratory to guarantee that they are consistently of the best possible taste, purity and strength. The company always publish the ingredients in their products so that purchasers are fully aware of exactly what they are vaping, and every bottle is child-safe and comes with a simple to use dropper.

V2’s e-juices are compatible with every V2 vaporizer that has a refillable tank, like the EX Blank, PRO Series and Classic Blank Cartridge. Bottles comes in two sizes, 25ml and 50 ml and it is also possible to purchase a sample pack of 6 flavours. With five nicotine strengths to pick from, from 0% right up to 2.4%, and 1 exciting flavours from standard tobacco to peppermint and cola, V2 have an impressive selection for any vaper. If you are looking for the best e liquid, then V2 Cigs will be the right choice.

#2 Apollo

apollo uk e juice

One of the best known contenders in the e-liquid market, Apollo offer an extremely impressive range of e-juices that will suit any taste. Available in both 10ml and 30ml sizes, this company also offer the option of purchasing multi-packs of 5 or 10 so that vapers can enjoy all of their favourite flavours. From traditional tobacco flavours right up to unusual and exotic choices such as Smoozie Maui Waui, there is something to suit everyone in their fantastic selection.

#3 JacVapour Eliquids

jac vapour e juices

One of the top UK e-liquid brands, JacVapour manufacturer premium high-quality e-juices in a great choice of flavours that are popular with all kinds of vapers. Every e-liquid is rigorously and independently tested within British laboratories to ensure that the highest standards of safety are met. There are e-juices to suit every taste and in a choice of strengths.

From classic tobacco to sweet vanilla and from fruity flavours like apple and watermelon to refreshing Pure Menthol, their vapourless Clear Steam E-liquids and easy mix picNIC E-liquid range are all made in the UK.

#4 Cosmic Fog

best e-cig liquid uk - cosmic fog

Cosmic Fog specialise in producing awesome dessert and sweet flavoured e-liquids and take the quality of their products extremely seriously. Every blended flavour takes up to 10 months of testing, mixing, steeping and tweaking with every flavour being inspired by top fusion chefs for a complete balance of notes and flavours. Their Lost Fog collection is a trio of delightful fusion creamy dessert flavours, all produced in the most hygienic of environments.

Best Bargain/Cheap Eliquids

Epuffer E-Juices

epuffer bottles

Increasing numbers of people are choosing to switch to vaping because of the benefits that it provides. With no smoke produced, vaping is a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. The vapour inhaled by vapers is produced by evaporating e-juices and these can come in a range of exciting flavours from exotic to the traditional such as menthol and tobacco. EPuffer’s great value range are top quality, undergoing rigorous testing by experienced chemists and flavourists from within the industry. All products are made from premium materials and using cutting edge technology and over the last 8 years, the consistency of their products has been impressive. All of EPuffer’s premium e liquid UK flavours are certified to be non-alcoholic, non-allergenic, gluten free, kosher and vegan.

UK ECIG STORE e-juices

ukecig store bottles

One of the advantages of vaping over traditional cigarettes is the possibility of creating a range of impressive and exciting flavours. Whether you prefer classic tobacco, refreshing menthol or something more unusual like dessert or fruit flavours, the UK ECIG STORE offer a range of great value products to suit every taste and need. They have a fantastic selection of fancy flavours including fruity, sweet, tobacco and menthol options and all have been tested exhaustively by experts ensuring that the result is the perfect selection of flavours to give something new and different every day.

Previous Brands & Products from 2016

Ingredients Found In Electronic Cigarette Liquid

If you are new to vaping, you may have some concerns about the ingredients that e-liquids contain. Lots of people have a lack of knowledge about e-liquids and find the idea of vaporizing a nicotine containing liquid rather strange, however they can be assured that it is certainly a safer and better alternative to smoking regular tobacco.

PG and VG: The Base of e-liquid

While smoking standard cigarettes exposes you to toxins and carcinogens, vaping e-cigs have far fewer ingredients that can cause damage to your health. Usually, you only find four ingredients in e-juice, unlike regular tobacco which contains thousands of ingredients. E-liquids contain just Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavouring, distilled water and sometimes nicotine.

While some people have concern about the safety of vaporizing Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, they can be satisfied that these are ingredients that are commonly contained in all kinds of popular substances such as food preservatives, pharmaceuticals and makeup and so are bound to be safer than traditional tobacco products.

Propylene Glycol

Although Propylene Glycol has a bit of a poor reputation with a few critics declaring that vaping e-cigs is akin to inhaling antifreeze, this is certainly not the case. Only industrial grade propylene glycol is used to produce antifreeze and not the product in its pure form. USP Propylene Glycol is used to manufacture e-liquids and it is 99.9% pure, being pharmaceutical grade. The Food and Drug Administration have classified it as a safe food additive and it is used regularly in food products, cosmetics and medicines to maintain moisture. While PG may cause a dry mouth occasionally and does not produce large vapour clouds, it does have a useful function for improving the carrying of flavour, which is why it is used to make e-liquids.

Vegetable Glycerin

Just as safe as PG, Vegetable Glycerin is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. It can be either inhaled or ingested and will cause no harmful effect to any body part. It also produces large vapour clouds, but does not carry flavour effectively, hence the reason why it is mixed with Propylene Glycol to produce the ideal combination of flavour and vapour. While PG may cause allergic reactions in some people, VG is known to be hypoallergenic.


Nicotine is the ingredient that keeps everyone addicted to regular cigarettes and it is therefore one of the key ingredients found in most e-juices. There are however a number of differences between them. In standard cigarettes, there is no measure to the nicotine content, however in e-juice, the nicotine level is strictly measured and is able to be customised to suit the vaper’s preference and taste. Nicotine levels vary between manufacturers, but is usually marked with a percentage, or alternatively as mg/ml. Usually the following strengths are found:

0.0% (0mg/ml) – Perfect for anyone who has stopped smoking, but wants to feel the experience of smoking.

0.6% (6mg/ml) – Slightly less than a standard light cigarette.

1.2% (12 mg/ml) – Great for those used to smoking light cigarettes.

1.8% (18 mg/ml) – An average level of nicotine, this is the perfect level for those who enjoy a nicotine hit as well as for regular smokers.

2.4% (24 mg/ml) – This higher level is perfect for heavy smokers.

3.6% (36 mg/ml) – Perfect for anyone who requires a strong nicotine hit or for chain smokers.

By using these levels, you can choose the best nicotine strength for you. For those who are struggling to quit smoking, even when using e-cigarettes, you should try to increase the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. If, however, you experience symptoms such as dizziness, you should decrease the strength and speak to your physician.

Steeping your E-Juice

What is Steeping?

The steeping process allows the e-liquid to rest for some time in order to improve the juice’s flavour in a similar way to allowing a good wine to age. There are several methods of steeping and everyone does it differently. There are two essentials required for proper steeping – experimentation and patience. E-liquids combine some or all of 5 different components: VG, PG, alcohol flavour, water and nicotine. After it has been made and stored for some time, denser components can separate, sinking down to the bottom of the bottle. When you shake the bottle during the steeping process, the mixture becomes homogenized.

When to steep?

The idea of steeping is to improve your juice’s flavour. If you enjoy your e-liquid as it is, you do not need to steep it, but just begin vaping immediately. However, if you steep your e-liquid, the flavour will often be improved. Therefore, if you think your flavour is not quite to your liking, or are just curious, you can experiment a little to see if it tastes better.

Slow Steeping

You have to have patience to steep your e-liquid properly. The easiest steeping method is just to allow it to sit, checking it occasionally, and then allowing it to sit for longer.

Step 1: Shake the bottle vigorously as e-liquids are extremely viscous.

Step 2: Light may degrade the flavour of your juice, so you should store it in a dark and cool place, such as a closet.

Step 3: After one week, give your e-juice another shake and repeat for another couple of weeks, then you can try a taste test. If you’re still not happy, you can continue steeping for months, right up to the expiry date.

What happens after steeping?

Once you have steeped your e-juice, its flavour will change to a smoother and deeper one. Its colour may also change because of the oxidation of the nicotine.

E-Liquid FAQ

What is E-Liquid?

E-Liquids Strengths explained

What are PG or VG liquids?

What is a 100% VG liquid?

How should I store my e liquid?

What e-liquids should I get?

What strength e-liquid should I buy?

Can you make your own E-Liquid?

Why do I keep getting E Liquid in my mouth?

Am I vaping too much, how much is too much nicotine?

What is the maximum legal eJuice nicotine strength in the UK?

Are 30ml bottles still legal in the UK?
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Best E-Liquids in the UK
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  1. Hi, made the mistake of ordering ejuice from vapourmate. While I am a bit of a noob I am not an idiot. I have tried most of them in nautilus mini and tried new atomisers, variable voltages and low wattage on a mod box. They all vape hidiously. No flavour, except for burnt arse. Would like to be put in contact with a ‘proffesional ” reviewer to whom I would like to send these liquids for him/her to review.

    Regards Ian.

    • Agree with Ian Roberts above. I purchase from Vapemate, which was based on price and choice. Ive tried various PG VG ratios, various strengths of nicotine, and every batch (bar a couple) (all of the same flavour, it seems batches vary considerable, even with the same rations, strengths ect) have been horrible to vape. Using a box sub ohm mod, which when used with premium liquid, produces a great vape.
      Any recommendations welcomed ! 🙂

  2. Hi can you review

    • Hiya I’ve bought quite a few liquids from the £1 e-liquid website and although most of the flavours were very dissapointing, there are some flavours i really enjoyed….

      The STRAWBERRY AND LIME flavour was really nice and so was the RHUBARB AND CUSTARD.

      I guess its just down to preference and also the type of e-cig you are using. I’d defo say they are more for the cheaper/basic e-cig. However for £1 they are worth a try 🙂

  3. Nice to see many brands and the quality is good. It is always best to seek medical advice from your doctor before using any e-Liquid especially if you are sensitive to any food allergies. Most of the people do choose only VG. I have tried many brands but now I use VG of Ichore Liquid. Here you will find the only place currently offering 100% Vegetable based, VG e Liquids. They cater for those who have allergies to Propylene Glycol (PG), which is commonly found in the more commercial e Liquids available on the market.

    • There are no 100% VG only max VG, and I don’t agree most people choose this, in fact very few people do. Do you work for Ichore liquid perchance?

  4. VIP E cig company in liquidation so can’t get my British Gold vape liquids. Any suggestions for similar liquid from other Vape supplier.

  5. Hi . I use their mix is 70/30 VG/PG they have lots of flavours on offer , I always purchase 5x 60ml with 3ml nicotine shots which you add yourself.

    I use 2 mods with 2 tanks, 1 mod is the Wismec RX300 with the SMOK TFV12 tank and the other is the SMOK Alien with a TFV8 tank what I find from with these tanks at different wattages ( Mainly around the 110w is that these juices produce a nice amount of vape while the flavour is in many of the juices are quite good.

    They have many flavours on offer and I am always trying new ones as well as ordering my favourites, the 300ml I get from them will last me approx. 1 month vaping on a regular basis at 110w with coils that eat juice for fun.

    The flavours for me are not that intense while some people I know say there is a strong flavour taste ( maybe my taste buds are a little broken )

    The cost of 5×60 ml with the 3ml nic shots is £30 and I have to be honest I can’t complain at the price as I find they are the cheapest I can find at the moment.

    Taste wise and vape wise I would say they are a must try for vapers you can buy 3×30 ml juices or 5×60 ml juices with different strength of nic shots ranging from 0 ml to 6ml.

    0 nicotine are cheaper while 6ml nicotine is a little more expensive, 0 nic 5x60ml will cost £25 while 5x60ml 6ml nicotine will cost £35 , I find a good balance for me on my mods is the 3ml nicotine shots. I did try the 6ml nicotine with my mod while still a very nice vape i find the 3ml more suitable for me. I still need the nicotine hit but i’m more for flavour than the throat hit.

    I have tried some other liquids from local shops which do produce a little more flavour than them from Vapegoo but they also cost twice as much and if your on a tight budget and wanting to cut your cost of vaping the little extra flavour you get from the shops is not worth the extra money it costs as its not that great of a difference.

    If any one knows of another supplier that are as cheap as Vapegoo please let me know and i will give them a try but as for now i find Vapegoo one of the best for value and flavours.

  6. I have to agree with order of e-liquids in this article. Despite trying just two of them (out of 4, that is not that bad) the Vapour 2 tastes the best and is also the easiest to use. I mean the dropper is so handy, even if you’re as clumsy as I am you wouldn’t spill any liquid out when refiling. What I also like about this brand is the fact that they have so many flavours to choose from so you can switch in-between them and never get bored (you can also mix them but that is the same for all of the liquids). Chocolate is obviously the best one but it doesn’t hurt to have options to choose from. Same goes for the strength of the liquids, you can also choose those as well and for me that is a plus.

  7. Hi

    I’ve had reoccurring spots come up on my neck. Not many, 5 or 6 at a time. I’ve seen a skin specialist who assures me that it is an allergy and nothing more sinister. I vape a 50/50 PG/VG 1.8% vanilla mix marketed by Playboy. I vape a lot, in fact I chain vape probably 10-15 ml /day. I use a Kangertech Mega with a 1.2 Ohm atomiser run between 3.6 and 4 volts. Could it be this causing the allergy? What does a typical allergy to PG look like?

    Should I try a 90% VG? I’m a bit miffed to change as it is a very tasty vape.



    • Hey Dave,

      You should definitely listen to your doctor/skin specialist.

      If I were you, I would try 90% VG e-juice for a while and/or would try to vape a bit less for some time to see which factor is causing you this. I know it sucks to give up your favourite flavour, but sometimes you gotta do it. 🙂

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