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Pay-N-Puff: The Newest In Electronic Cigarettes

Pay-N-Puff The Newest In Electronic Cigarettes

Would you think more before you fire up your electronic cigarette if you had to pay before each puff? One of the biggest cigarette manufacturers, Philip Morris, has created such an e-cig that works that way.  It enables you to track your usage by paying before you puff. So now, among all the many different brands, options and varieties of …

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ePuffer Review

epuffer review

Headquarters in Canada, United Kingdom and United States, Epuffer is a top e-cigarette manufacture that offers a wide range of e-cigarettes, e-pipes, and cigars. The company has declared their intentions to help their customers conform to a healthier lifestyle that is free of cigarette smoke. The company’s website is easy to navigate with a wide selection of vaping products, including …

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So Just How Nasty Are E-Cigs After All?

So Just How Nasty Are E-Cigs After All

Does it seem to that many of the places you frequent, like dining establishments, where you’re allowed to vape are doing some freshening up, a little remodeling lately? Your immediate thought may be “Wow, business must be great for them!”, but you may not be 100% correct with that thought. If your favourite eatery appears to be putting a lot …

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Vype eTank Review

Vype is probably the best-known brand when it comes to e-cigarettes in the UK. Not only do they offer an affordable product, but they have three different starter kits too! They have an ePen Kit, and eStick kit, and an eTank kit with prices that start as low as £12.99 and up to £19.99. The review we offer today is …

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Are You A Vapehole?

are you a vapehole

You know the kind of person we’re talking about. You know, that woman that blows big clouds from her e-cig inside the theatre, and then wants to be offended when fellow movie-goers ask her to take it outside. Just like tobacco cigarette smoking, there is etiquette with vaping and it really has nothing to do with segregation. It is simply …

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What Does Smokey The Bear Think About E-Cigarettes?

Smokey The Bear

Today, we have the electronic cigarette products and all the controversy that goes along with anything that is released on the market. The intended purpose for some to take up the e-cig is to help them cut back or quit smoking. For some, it is to be able to smoke where smoking is banned. But now the e-cig is being …

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E-Cigarettes and HUD: Not The Best Of Friends

E-Cigarettes and HUD Not The Best Of Friends

Every so often, you’ll hear about one city here and another city in another state issuing a ban of e-cigarettes in public places such as restaurants. And now it seems that HUD has placed a ban on e-cig in some cities. They are always basing their reasons on scare tactics and an effort to “save the public” from what is thought …

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What Is the best way to power your e-cig?

For the e-cigarette, the battery is an important component. So instead of tobacco burning with a flame, the e-cig delivers works by heating a liquid that is nicotine-infused into a vapour, which is what you inhale. The heat is generated by a battery. So when you begin your evaluation of e-cigarettes, the first thing you want to choose is how …

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The Different Varieties Of E-Cigs

The Different Varieties Of E-Cigs

For a tobacco user the variety of e-cigs is confusing and for a non-smoker that is considering e-cigs the variety is even more confusing. The question that is asked most often is “What type of e-cigarette should I buy?” But before that question can be answered, you first need to understand that different types of e-cigs that are available. While …

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Who Is The Largest User Of E-Cigs?

Who Is The Largest User Of E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes are relatively new for the United States and as such, there has not been any in-depth studies that offer us a look at them. For instance, who is more likely to use an e-cig? According to a survey in 2014 by U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, found that almost thirteen percent of adults in America have …

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