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Vaping And Driving – Some Handy Hints

vaping while driving

In the old days, it was easy to smoke a regular cigarette in your car thanks to the integrated ashtrays in every vehicle, however over the last decade or so, this feature has now been phased out making it more difficult to get your fix while on the move. But is it any easier to enjoy vaping when out and …

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Can I Cut The Cost Of Vaping?

cutting down vaping costs

Although vaping is generally a lower cost alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes over the long-term, you may still be finding that your habit is becoming unaffordable due to increasing costs. So how can you save money on your vaping experience? Here are some simple tips to help you cut the cost of vaping. Using A Higher Resistance Coil If you …

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Tips for Getting Better Flavor From Your Vaping

The Good Stuff About E-Cigs

Cloud chasing is all the rage these days, with many vapers looking to produce as much vapour as possible. Others, on the other hand, don’t value clouds as much as a strong, robust flavour, and if you are one of those in the second category, you are probably struggling to find any advice on how to achieve your goal. While …

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Vaping Advice For Pet Owners

vaping and pets

We already know that being subjected to second hand smoke from traditional cigarettes can be just as harmful as being a smoker yourself due to the many dangerous chemicals found in tobacco smoke, and animals as well as humans have been found to develop lung and heart problems after being subjected to second hand smoke. However, vaping e-cigarettes has been …

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The Good Stuff About E-Cigs. Yes The Good Stuff!

Anytime something new comes out on the market, there are naysayers to find the negative. It seems like when things come along in life that is so unarguably true, it is a surprise for there to be any disagreements.  Let’s take, for example, vaccines, the efficacy and safety of them, or GMOs and the benefits thereof. And this has been …

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Can The Risks of Post-Surgery Be Minimized By Vaping?

We see announcement and publications all day long now about the benefits that e-cigarette can provide. Some of the benefits you already know, like vaping, won’t make your clothes smell like traditional tobacco cigarettes too. And vaping is less expensive than traditional cigarettes, which is better on the budget. And mainly, overall, you’ll feel better. But in addition to these …

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Ultimate “Beauty” To A Smoker – Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been around for a while now. And when you think about them, they are pretty amazing. They have a chamber that is filled with a substance called e-liquid which has been infused with a liquid form of nicotine. When activated by way of battery power, it creates a vapour that you inhale. It gives you a satisfaction …

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Should Teens Be Allowed To Vape?

teen vaping

Has your teenager asked for a vape pen for Christmas this year? Do you know what a vape pen is? Vape pens are a growing phenomenon that is gaining popularity every day. And there are many reasons why, but for some, especially teens, they have a multitude of reasons.  Vape pens, vapouriser pens, are one type of electronic cigarettes. They …

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Just How Powerful Is Nicotine? CDC Reveals Shocking information

A negative light is often painted by health activists when it comes to electronic cigarettes. It has been claimed that vape pens encourage people to begin smoking and offers a temptation for teens to start using tobacco. However, the CDC has released information from a new study that just may correct the record and shows that the e-cig is beneficial for smokers …

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Pay-N-Puff: The Newest In Electronic Cigarettes

Pay-N-Puff The Newest In Electronic Cigarettes

Would you think more before you fire up your electronic cigarette if you had to pay before each puff? One of the biggest cigarette manufacturers, Philip Morris, has created such an e-cig that works that way.  It enables you to track your usage by paying before you puff. So now, among all the many different brands, options and varieties of …

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