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Vaping Advice For Pet Owners

vaping and pets

We already know that being subjected to second hand smoke from traditional cigarettes can be just as harmful as being a smoker yourself due to the many dangerous chemicals found in tobacco smoke, and animals as well as humans have been found to develop lung and heart problems after being subjected to second hand smoke. However, vaping e-cigarettes has been found to be 95% less harmful to the health than smoking regular tobacco cigarettes, so surely it is safe to vape around your pets? Despite vaping being shown to be …

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The Good Stuff About E-Cigs. Yes The Good Stuff!

Anytime something new comes out on the market, there are naysayers to find the negative. It seems like when things come along in life that is so unarguably true, it is a surprise for there to be any disagreements.  Let’s take, for example, vaccines, the efficacy and safety of them, or GMOs and the benefits thereof. And this has been especially true with electronic cigarettes. The idea is straightforward when it comes to electronic cigs. There is no doubt that it has been proven time and again that tobacco cigarettes …

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Can The Risks of Post-Surgery Be Minimized By Vaping?

We see announcement and publications all day long now about the benefits that e-cigarette can provide. Some of the benefits you already know, like vaping, won’t make your clothes smell like traditional tobacco cigarettes too. And vaping is less expensive than traditional cigarettes, which is better on the budget. And mainly, overall, you’ll feel better. But in addition to these things that are pretty much a given, the list doesn’t stop there. Every day it seems, there is something new added to the list of benefits. And with the continuing …

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Ultimate “Beauty” To A Smoker – Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been around for a while now. And when you think about them, they are pretty amazing. They have a chamber that is filled with a substance called e-liquid which has been infused with a liquid form of nicotine. When activated by way of battery power, it creates a vapour that you inhale. It gives you a satisfaction when it hits your throat that is akin to the experience of inhaling a traditional cigarette. It is close enough to the “real thing” that you keep returning. And it …

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Should Teens Be Allowed To Vape?

teen vaping

Has your teenager asked for a vape pen for Christmas this year? Do you know what a vape pen is? Vape pens are a growing phenomenon that is gaining popularity every day. And there are many reasons why, but for some, especially teens, they have a multitude of reasons.  Vape pens, vapouriser pens, are one type of electronic cigarettes. They are a nifty device that ranges in size. They come in a standard pen size to a large cigar that you can inhale an e-liquid (propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin) …

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Just How Powerful Is Nicotine? CDC Reveals Shocking information

A negative light is often painted by health activists when it comes to electronic cigarettes. It has been claimed that vape pens encourage people to begin smoking and offers a temptation for teens to start using tobacco. However, the CDC has released information from a new study that just may correct the record and shows that the e-cig is beneficial for smokers today. One of the world’s most brilliant and famous individuals, Albert Einstein, enjoyed a pipe from time to time. Of all the things that he is known for, like his …

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Pay-N-Puff: The Newest In Electronic Cigarettes

Pay-N-Puff The Newest In Electronic Cigarettes

Would you think more before you fire up your electronic cigarette if you had to pay before each puff? One of the biggest cigarette manufacturers, Philip Morris, has created such an e-cig that works that way.  It enables you to track your usage by paying before you puff. So now, among all the many different brands, options and varieties of e-cigs, somebody has to come out with another gimmick.  It still uses a battery and flavoured ejuice like all the other e-cigs. It just has a new concept that may …

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ePuffer Review

epuffer review

Headquarters in Canada, United Kingdom and United States, Epuffer is a top e-cigarette manufacture that offers a wide range of e-cigarettes, e-pipes, and cigars. The company has declared their intentions to help their customers conform to a healthier lifestyle that is free of cigarette smoke. The company’s website is easy to navigate with a wide selection of vaping products, including accessories and e-liquids to go with their e-cigs and more. The selection of e-liquids that the company offers are made from ingredients that are gluten-free, non-alcoholic, and non-allergenic. With approximately …

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So Just How Nasty Are E-Cigs After All?

So Just How Nasty Are E-Cigs After All

Does it seem to that many of the places you frequent, like dining establishments, where you’re allowed to vape are doing some freshening up, a little remodeling lately? Your immediate thought may be “Wow, business must be great for them!”, but you may not be 100% correct with that thought. If your favourite eatery appears to be putting a lot of money in the local for new floorings, fresh paint and upgrading their air filter system to an industrial level, as well as adding some air purifiers, it may be …

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Vype eTank Review

Vype is probably the best-known brand when it comes to e-cigarettes in the UK. Not only do they offer an affordable product, but they have three different starter kits too! They have an ePen Kit, and eStick kit, and an eTank kit with prices that start as low as £12.99 and up to £19.99. The review we offer today is their eTank kit, which overall, we were very impressed and pleased with. The Packing and Shipping If you’re just getting started vaping, you can’t go wrong with the Vype eTank …

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