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Socialites Review

socialites review

The Socialites Zero Electronic Cigarette Company is a company that is trying to revolutionise the electronic cigarette by putting out on the market their own ideas. This company basically sells anything from the electronic cigarettes all the way to the accessories that are usually used together with the cigarettes. This includes the popular two-piece e-cigs, tank based e-cigs and e-juices …

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10 Motives review

10 motives review

Based in Sand batch, Cheshire, 10 Motives is well known for distributing rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes. The company does not only distribute electronic cigarettes but it also refills cartomisers, sell electronic cigarettes among other electronic cigarettes accessories. The three electronic brands being marketed and distributed by 10 motives are i-Vape, Menthol Rechargeable and Regular V2 Rechargeable. i-Vape is sold …

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E-Cigs a new opportunity for UK pharmacies

Uk pharmacies

E-cigs have taken the global market by storm and now UK pharmacies are seeing them as a great opportunity to boost their businesses. This realisation has just come after Boots, which is a well known and one of the biggest chemists in the UK announced that it will soon start to market e-cigarettes. Boots has a network of stores all …

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South Beach Smoke Review

South beach smoke review

The Brand South Beach Smoke is an E-cig brand that has been making pretty big headlines for several years now. It has been seen and featured on media outlets like the 2011 MTV Music Awards, CNN, MSNBC, and more. Their website is stylish and attractive, as are their products. But are they good products, and are they high enough in …

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Wales bans smoking of E-Cigs in public

Wales bans smoking of E-Cigs in public

Can you imagine being arrested and fined for smoking electronic cigarettes in public places? That’s how bad it is. This piece of news came as a surprise and complete shock to many people who live in Wales and the UK at large. The government through the Health Minister announced its plans to ban any kind of smoking in public places. …

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E-Cigarettes under fire, but is it justified?

e-cigs under fire

It goes without saying that e-cigs are relatively new products in the market and thus their use is not regulated as much as it probably should. However, if the current trend is anything to go by, this will not be the case a few years from now because lawmakers are gradually creating pieces of laws to regulate the use of …

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Vapouriz review

vapouriz review

Vapouriz review – the brand If you live in the United Kingdom and you have the slightest interest in electronic cigarettes, then you must have heard of Vapouriz. The company’s main line of business is to distribute e-cigs based outside the UK. It was founded in the year 2011 and it quickly grew over the few years that it has …

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Vapestick discount code

vapestick discount code

Electronic cigarettes are gradually becoming more and more common in today’s society. Vapestick, one of the most highly rated brands of electronic cigarettes, takes on the same look as a tobacco cigarette but contains zero harmful toxins or chemicals. Vapestick products are sold mainly in retail stores as well as online through the Vapestick website. Vapestick is designed to provide …

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Totally Wicked review

totally wicked review

The brand When electronic cigarettes came into existence, one of the first big names to become associated with it is Totally Wicked, an electronic cigarettes company with its base of operations set outside of Blackburn in the UK. With a wide selection of products ranging from electronic cigarettes to e-liquids and various e-cigs accessories, it has successfully gained a prominent …

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Smoko review

smoko review

The Brand With so many electronic cigarette options these days, users of e-cigarettes have the less enviable task of trying to find the one that suits them best. On the brighter side, they are also presented with more options to choose from, as manufacturers of e-cigarettes are upping their game, coming up with better product offerings. Stepping up to the …

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