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Best Vape Flavours For Making Your Own E-Liquid

best diy e-liquid flavours

If you’re ready to have a go at making your own DIY e-liquid you’re sure to enjoy the fun of concocting your own personalised flavours. One of the best things about making e-juice of your own, apart from the low cost, is that the finished product will be customised to suit your individual tastes. Here are some of the most …

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A Billion Lives – Full Movie Review

a billion lives movie

A Billion Lives, the vaping documentary by Aaron Biebert, was premiered in Europe back in 2016 and received excellent reviews, with the packed audience agreeing that the movie had not only met expectations but had actually exceeded them. Despite the fact that it took almost a full half hour before e-cigs were actually mentioned, the stark message that opens the …

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Your Guide To Finding The Best Wire For Vaping

There are several types of vape wire that you can choose from these days, so it can be hard for a novice to know which is the right vaping wire for them. Not every coil type is suitable for every style of vaping, so you need to make sure that you’re picking the right one before you fire up your …

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Why Does My Vape Spit?


There’s nothing worse than settling down for a relaxing vape than suddenly having the horrible taste of e liquid in your mouth. Vape spitting problems can ruin your experience completely and if it always seems to be happening, you could end up with a completely unusable atomizer or tank. Luckily, if you’re having trouble with your vape popping and spitting …

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MPs in the UK Launch a New Vaping Inquiry

After what appeared to be recent steps forward in the recognition of e-cigarettes as a useful smoking cessation aid by the UK government in the form of the government backed Stoptober campaign which featured vaping for the first time in its TV advertising, there has now been a step backwards in the announcement of a new inquiry into whether or …

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UK’s Stoptober Campaign Finally Embraces E-Cig Use


Anyone who is familiar with the UK’s annual Stoptober quit smoking campaign may have noticed something slightly different about the TV advertising for the event this year. The campaign, which aims to encourage smokers to kick the habit during the month of October, has been running since 2012, but for the first time this year it finally advocated the use …

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Clearomizers and Tanks – how to fill, refill and clean your vape


As a vaper, some of the most common tasks that you will have to carry out are refilling your tank and cleaning it out. Luckily, these are simple tasks to accomplish, whatever kind of clearomiser or tank you have. Although there are one or two small differences between devices, the principles remain the same. Here is your guide to filling, …

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How To Choose E-liquid Nicotine Strength

e juice nicotine level

When you are choosing which e-juice to buy, one of the main considerations that you need to bear in mind is the strength of the nicotine that it contains. All e-liquid ranges offer a choice of nicotine strengths in their products and it can be tricky to know which one to choose to make your vaping more satisfying. Sometimes, trial …

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TOP Reasons To Switch To Vaping

reasons to switch to vaping

There are many articles out there telling you all about how dangerous smoking tobacco can be thanks to the 7000 plus chemicals found in the smoke that is produced, however there are also numerous benefits to swapping to vaping e-cigarettes instead. Vape pens have been designed as an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and there are a large number of reasons …

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