Vape, E-Cig & Box Mod: Which is the Best in the UK?

boxmods 2018

This ultimate best box mods guide is the last resource you will need to finally enjoy a worry-free vaping. Here we have listed the BEST vape mods available in the United Kingdom. Our recommended products are TPD 2017 compliant, so you do not need to worry about out-date information.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this article. I am sure that after few minutes you will be able to choose a perfect box mod which will suite all your needs.

Best Box & Vape Mods in 2018

#1 Vape Mod for 2018 – SMOK Alien 220w

smok alien 220w

Price: See current price

Wattage: 6-220W

Battery type: 18650 (dual)

Resistance: 0.06 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range

SMOK Alien 220w is the newest addition to our TOP. After we had tried it, we knew right away that this device is the best we have tested so far. #1 Box mod for 2018 (so far) without a doubt.

And we are not the only ones who love SMOK Alien 220w – the whole vaping community is impressed with this device and its performance. On various vaping websites and forums, you can see people preaching this to be the “box of the year.” Time will tell if they are right, but currently, it is the best vape mod in the UK for 2018.

As you can imagine, it is pretty hard to make a unique box mod these days as there are so many brands competing for “the best ecig mod” title, but it seems that SMOK managed to do this once again. Neat design, ergonomic feel, 220 watts of high power and oversized OLED display. And the best part – it’s affordable. What else could you wish for? Once again – if you are looking for an up-to-date device, we recommend you SMOK Alien 220w. 

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#2 Innokin iTaste Kroma TC Starter Kit

innokin itaste kroma

Price: See current price

Wattage: 6-75W

Battery type: 2000 mAh (internal)

Resistance: down to 0.1 ohm

If discretion is important for your vaping experience, the Innokin iTaste Kroma TC Kit is the ideal choice for you. Designed for stealthy vaping without compromising on power, this starter kit gives the user full sub-ohm vaping power in one attractive and compact package. The kit comes complete with a slip stream tank which is met by a lowered 510 connector for even better ergonomic value, and thanks to the fitted grip, your vape will always stay securely within your grasp.

The fire button is perfectly positioned for optimal use while the settings can be simply dialed into the user-friendly OLED display which is powered by the manufacturer’s powerful 75 W chip-set. Compatible with any kind of sub tank, this MOD is capable of firing kanthal, stainless steel, titanium or Ni200 coils and comes loaded with an internal 2000 mAh dual-lipo battery which can handle long periods of continued use.

#3 Kanger TopBox Nano

kanger topbox nanoPrice: See current price

Wattage: 7-75W

Battery type: 18650 (single)

Resistance: down to 0.1 ohm

This starter kit features the most up to date Kbox with an increased output of 60 watts and the attractive Toptank Nano with its e-juice capacity of 2 mls. Powered by a single interchangeable user friendly 18650 battery, this unit is charged via a MicroUSB port and can fire atomisers down to as low as 0.1 Ohms. It is compatible with a range of tank systems and can be used with stainless steel,  Nichrome, titanium or nickel coils for greater flexibility.

The chassis of the Kbox is slim and is made from ergonomically designed aluminium so that it rests comfortably in your hand. The kit also comes equipped with the Kanger Sub-Ohm TC Toptank Nano, which can be filled from the bottom or top and which features a new and improved adjustable airflow. The perfect combination of a stylish design and impressive output features, this starter kit ensures optimal performance and functionality.

#4 Innokin Cool Fire IV Apex

Innokin Cool Fire IV plus apexPrice: See current price

Wattage: 6-70W

Battery type: 18650 (single)

Resistance: down to 0.1 ohm

This innovative kit from Cool Fire has an attractive design and is ideal for advanced users, offering up to 70W of power as well as an internal battery capacity of 3300mAh. This device is also suitable for sub-ohm vaping, being able to handle atomiser resistances down to 0.1 Ohms, and features an adjustable airflow as well as an TPD compliant e-liquid capacity of 2 mls. 

The kit comes complete with a micro USB charging cable and is equipped with many excellent safety features such as a low voltage warning and inbuilt protection against over-discharging, over-heating and short-circuiting. Its no-spill system makes swaps easy while the integrated voltage and wattage memorising function means that there is no need to fiddle with the settings every time you vape.

#5 JacVapour SERIES-B TILT

jac series b

Price: See current price

Wattage: Max 40W

Battery type: None included – requires separate 18650 flat top battery

Resistance: Down to 0.2 ohms

A compact and premium box mod, the JacVapour Series B Tilt is perfect for mouth to lung users and comes equipped with a 22mm Geni Aero Mega tank. A 18650 flat top battery is required to be used with this mod and does not come supplied. This uniquely designed mod offers a variable wattage and variable voltage mode and has a spring loaded positive connector and quick release battery cover that is magnetic for convenient use. Sub-ohm compatible, this mod also offers the most advanced safety features including protection against short circuiting and overcharging. Some of the people claim that this is the best box mod. Do we agree? Well, all I can say is that this truly is a great vaping device worth checking out.



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Best Box Mods for 2018 – Our Top 10 Vape Mod picks in the UK:

best vape mod uk - our top 10 box mods


  1. Eleaf iStick Basic (Beginners)
  2. Smok X Cube II 160W (Cloud Chasing)
  3. Smok R200 (Cloud Chasing)
  4. Joyetech Cuboid 150W (sub-ohm)
  5. Eleaf iStick Pico 75W (sub-ohm)
  6. Pioneer4You IPV5 200W (Temperature Control)
  7. Snow Wolf 200W (Temperature Control)
  8. Eleaf iStick 50W (Affordable)
  9. Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 (High End)
  10. Vaporshark DNA200 (High End)
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